(Courtesy of the Loving Words from Jesus Comforting Quotes by Doreen Virtue)


“Seek you the first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matthew: 6:33) 

Libby’s note: I am conscious of people’s beliefs on organised religion, which I humbly respect wholeheartedly; but this is purely for motivational and inspirational purposes. I grew up Catholic, and I have always been fascinated with World Religions. I will with time look into other Ascended Masters and Spiritual Teachers. Blessings to you, my friends. <3 

Since it is the beginning of Lent, I thought to be inspired by one Ascended Master and Spiritual Teacher in his own right, Jesus of Nazareth or also known as Jesus Christ. His teachings has inspired people worldwide to be more kind, more compassionate and to be more understanding of one another.

This comforting quote speaks to have faith in God, (or however you see or call God or the Divine). Sometimes we may not understand why things happen in our lives – why bad things occur in the world, but it calls for each of us to have faith. It doesn’t necessarily mean to value your possessions, your material goods, as many of us do in our world today.

Rather, we are being ask to look deeper in how to help another person, who is in need. Perhaps someone is to scared or too ashamed to ask for help, because of their current circumstances. What if by one small and simple action you can change that? All it takes is one smile, or one hug, or even just a phone call to make sure a friend, a family member,  or a coworker, a neighbour, even a stranger is okay. It just takes one moment to ask a simple question: “Are you okay?”

While for many Christians around the world would be giving up something for Lent, for me it’s about acts of kindness, and acts of compassion. It is truly about getting out of your comfort zone, which in turn, is entering into the kingdom of God.

Sending love and big hugs to everyone.

Love Libby xoxoxo


Written by Libby

I’m a 31 year old single woman who loves dogs, cats as well as movies music. I really enjoy playing the violin and piano. I am very interested in religion and spirituality.

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