Card of the Day: PLAY

Card of the Day: PLAY

(Courtesy of the Daily Guidance from your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue)


“Time to bring out your inner child!”

As much as we love to work, or because it is necessarily required to provide for ourselves and our families – this card has a simple message. You don’t need to work all the time: have some fun!! 

Perhaps you have been experiencing times of fatigue irritability, or depression or all signs that you are long overdue for a time-out for some well-deserve relaxation and fun.

You don’t necessarily need to wait until you have a free moment in your life – you can just take a few minutes of your day to have some fun. Take some simple pleasure in a relaxing bath, or spending time with your children. Even going on a walk, or watching a funny movie.

For others of you, you will find a lot of benefits in meditation – even for five minutes a day will make all the difference to your day to day life. For several minutes, you can leave all your worries, all the stress -behind.

I also feel for a number of you, you need to stop being so serious – and start to remember to be a kid again! It’s okay to be silly sometimes! Laugh, make jokes and have fun – that’s what life is about – enjoy every moment of it!

Additional meanings of this card: Stop what you are doing, and go have fun right now. Release any guilt about having fun to the Angels. You deserve happiness, pleasure, and enjoyment. Make sure that your recreational activities are purely fun and noncompetitive.

Sending lots of love and Angel blessings your way, my lovelies! <3 <3

Love Libby xoxox

Written by Libby

I’m a 31 year old single woman who loves dogs, cats as well as movies music. I really enjoy playing the violin and piano. I am very interested in religion and spirituality.

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