My Response to Doreen Virtue’s decision to DENOUNCE TAROT & MEDIUMSHIP??

Hi beautiful souls,

This is my response to Doreen Virtue’s decision to come out as a born again Christian and denouncing tarot and mediumship. I wish her all the very best and I in no way, don’t wish to cause any harm to her reputation or Hay House. This is just my thoughts about her recent interview via Maui Source TV and in her own words her experiences with Jesus. I have the links below for your own viewing.

You are welcome to express your own opinions about these events, BUT PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL AND CONSIDERATE TO OTHERS POINTS OF VIEW ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Anyone who is disrespectful or rude on this video will have their comment REMOVED and will be BANNED from my channel.

Thank you and Angel blessings.


For your viewing below:

Maui Source TV Doreen Virtue – Transformed by Jesus, Sharing about her new life:

Doreen describes her experiences with Jesus:



Written by Libby

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