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Card for today: MAWU – MOTHER EARTH

(Courtesy of the Goddess Guidance Cards by Doreen Virtue)

“You are called upon to help with environmentalism”

Our deep connection with Mother Earth calls us to her find balance and harmony within our planet – with all four elements – fire, air, earth and water. When using all these elements wisely and most resourcefully we can achieve great things not only for ourselves but for our planet.

Why do to seem to not treat our planet with the respect and courtesy as many of our ancestors and many Native people around the world have done so for many years? Since they have learnt to respect Mother Earth – the nurturer, the provider, the carer, and the giver that they need to survive. Yes we have come along way in terms of technology, medicine, science and knowledge to evolve and survive even further.

Yet, Mother Earth still needs us, and in turn, we still need her. For now, we only have one planet – and no matter how big or small our environmental contribution to help Mother Earth, it is still important to let her know she is loved, she is important and she is by far one of our greatest teachers in history.

Not to be disrespectful towards any medical, science or technological communities making new discoveries everyday to help all of humanity, but one of the greatest discoveries throughout all existence would have to be discovery the beauty, and the moment, the presence of Mother Earth.

Additional meanings of this card:
Your life’s purpose involves environmentalism. Use earth friendly products. Recycle. Get involved with an environmental activism group. Teach others about environmentalism.

About MAWU: (pronounced MAT-WOO)
She is a West African moon goddess who is believed to have created all life, with her husband, the sun god, Liza. Mawu helps all who call upon her to learn to live in harmony with nature and to respect resources. She ensures that we are abundantly supplied with our needs without causing harm to our planet.

With love and blessings,

Libby xo

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