(Courtesy of the Magdalene Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno)

We are all constantly transforming and changing. Nothing ever stays the same. Last week we all experienced the emotional roller-coaster that was the New Moon in Pisces; we just the Spring/Autumn Equinox on March 20th, 2018. This means that neither hemisphere (Northern or Southern) as equal day or night. And we will experience a Blue Moon and a Full Moon on March 31st in the sign of Libra! It safe to say that yes, it will get emotionally intense! Phew!!

While it can be a challenging time for all of us, put aside the astrological side of thing for now. WE are all called to see everything from a higher perspective. You can either embrace and immerse yourself with this change, or you can allow things to stay the same. It is truly one’s personal choice.

Now, I’m not saying that this will be easy for anyone – it will be very daunting: emotionally, physically, mentally, spirituality and can push people to their very raw core.

Why is the transformation necessary? The vibrations of the Earth, as well with the astrological events; and religious, cultural and ethic holidays of both Easter and Passover give each soul a chance to renew, restore, and rebirth their lives again. Every unique soul is being called to these healing energies to not only heal themselves and their past, but also others. But we are all in this together. We each have a chance to transform a new dawn.

The essence of any pathway towards transformation is compassion towards oneself and also towards other people. The word ‘COMPASSION” comes from Latin, which translates to: “to suffer with” or “co-suffer”. We all have to understand to have compassion for one another. To learn, to grow, and to understand – if we can, how we all walk in another soul’s footsteps.

A new dawn leads to a new day, which brings each of us, a new beginning. Each day we are always transformed and renewed.

Much love and blessings,

Libby xoxo

Our beloved Guardian Angels……

Our beloved Guardian Angels……

The struggle may be a little TOO real for our guardian angels sometimes!! 😂😂😂

But our beloved angels and our whole spiritual team still has unconditional love and support for us throughout our entire lives. They’ve got your back!! 😊

A little laugh out loud to get you through your day!! 😂

Much love and Angel blessings to you, lovelies!!! 💗😇💗😇

Libby xoxo

The Healing Power of Metatron’s Cube

The Healing Power of Metatron’s Cube

Archangel Metatron is one of only two angels whom have ascended into Heaven after spending his human life on Earth as Enoch who was the 7th generation after Adam, the son of Jared and the great-great-great grandfather of Noah.

Archangel Metatron is association with Metatron’s Cube also known as the ‘Merkabah’ as described in the Torah in the Book of Enoch. Also known in Kabbalah as the ‘Tree of Life’ this sacred geometry symbol has been used for spiritual purposes to connected to the Divine and gain Universal knowledge; since Metatron is a teacher in esoteric knowledge. (He is also a scribe for God)

You can call Archangel Metatron anytime to cleanse and purify any lower or negative energies that you may be experiencing with the help of the Merkabah!

Blessings <3 <3 <3



Light and Darkness

Light and Darkness 

Even when at times of uncertainty or when we all feel at our lowest, our darkest – there is always a shining golden light to help us, supporting us and guiding us to find our way back to our journey – and back to ourselves.

For you were never lost but needing a gentle hand to guide you back along the way along the road of life. This is the Divine, your Angels, your Spiritual guides, Ascended Masters, Spirit Animals and the eternal life force energy that is always connected to all that is of existence in time and space.

For with light and darkness, sun and moon, ying and yang – it speak about balance as well. The Divine wants us to experience life in all forms and yes – this does mean experiencing difficult and challenging times ahead…

But again you NEVER are alone on this beloved journey – as you are carried by the Divine’s love and light always.

You are BLESSED and eternally LOVED 🙏🏻💖

Libby xoxo




(Courtesy of the Messages from Your Angels by Doreen Virtue)

“I am the Angel of Peace. I bring you tranquillity, and a smoother road ahead.”

You have been through so much dear one, through so much turmoil and your soul is tired. Your mind is craving peace and quiet for now, and I am help you achieving this desire. I will give you new opportunities to spend some time alone where you can relax your mind and heart. I will bring you tranquillity to your soul so that you can mirror this peace of mind anytime. Everyone needs time to recuperate in order to restore your soul to its Divine Nature.

The storm of the situation that you are facing will soon pass. Nothing lasts forever, and you have such incredible strength in the face of such adversity. With every single breathe you take – make an intention towards healing to make you stronger, to bring more peace to your mind, body and soul. No matter how long this takes, it doesn’t matter. You know when you are ready to take your own personal leap of faith towards your next step of your journey.

For now, in order for the road to be smooth, you need to rest dear one. Know that you are forever loved, protected and guided in this progress. We have your back!!!

The journey is ready to continue, when you are fully charged and ready for action!

Much love and blessings,

Libby xo


Card for the Day: HEAVEN ON EARTH

Card for the Day: HEAVEN ON EARTH

(Courtesy of the Universal Love Healing Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno)

While St Valentine is widely recognized as a 3rd century Roman Saint who patronage is for love particularly for marriages, engaged couples, and courtly love. (and did you know against fainting and epilepsy?) But St Valentine will also help you understand the Universal love that is hidden within each and everyone of us all. I will discuss about relationship love and self-love.

Love is indeed a very strong powerful force between two individuals if you wish to speak about dating or courtly love. It also does strange things to people – it can make you weak at the knees, fumble, lost for words, nervous, anxious, or indeed not yourself! This is the case when you meet someone that you like, you’re attracted to, or you feel a rapport with. On one hand, it’s important to acknowledge your feelings if you are experiencing them as this helps brings the Heaven and Earth balance into perspective, You are experiencing love like it is HEAVEN ON EARTH. This other person – man or woman, that you are falling in love with, is just like HEAVEN. While, you’re on Earth, unsure, or confused if they feel the same way – which is my next point.

Sometimes, you won’t know how this other person feels unless you tell them. It doesn’t matter if they say no, because you have to follow your heart. Don’t be disheartened by taking a risk towards great love. All I am saying, is that you won’t know unless you TRY.

The love within ourselves is something that we a reminder on a daily basis. How can we express a love for ourselves? What I mean by this is through self-compassion, self-love and self-care. Whether this is through meditation, taking a walk, taking a bath, having a nice cooked meal, writing in a journal, or watching a movie, or reading a book. (These are just some examples). Why is this important? It’s important to appreciate our own unique self. I can understanding for many people out there who are seeking that special man or woman in their life, and this card is acknowledging that this special person is coming into their life very soon, but you will just need to have patience. When you love yourself first, you can then make room, make time and energy for this unique person to come into your world.

The HEAVEN ON EARTH for an individual means to be ready and open for great love. You can be still be dating if you are single, but to remember that great love is truly worth waiting. Heaven’s doors will bring you a wonderful man or woman to you at the right time, and the right place. It’s all in Divine timing. Being on Earth, comes from an appreciation on your own unique soul.

So beloved ones, even if you are alone this Valentine’s Day, you’re not. There’s this Universal Love that surrounds you, by Mother Gaia, by your Angels, by your Spirit Guides, by the Ascended Masters. While it’s not that wonderful partner you have been wanting for some time, please be assured that this person is coming. Everyone deserves love, and needs love. You never know when Cupid will strike his arrow between two souls!! But remember – there’s many different forms of love out there and you are very loved by the Cosmos.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you, and sending my love

Libby xoxo

Card of the Day: ABUNDANCE

Card of the Day: ABUNDANCE

(Courtesy of Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue)

Card Meaning: A new flow of support is coming to you right now. The Angels are helping you to release any fears about scarcity so that you can enjoy this increased abundance.

As you beautiful people know, abundance comes in many forms and it doesn’t necessarily mean money (although for some of you, this could become a reality!) Abundance can many opportunities, resources, time, finding the right people to help you with this form of abundance or opportunity that you are seeking or desiring.

Having faith that abundance is coming forth to you is important as well. I know for many of you, that it has been a challenging road to the start of 2018. Have hope that everything happens for a reason, and you will find your way again.

So breathe and relax beloved one; you are steady support in all ways in physically, emotionally, materially, psychologically, spiritually and intellectually. There is always strength and courage with you always as you continue on with your journey.

Don’t be afraid to ask for support from your spiritual team of Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters at this time. Archangel Ariel who is the beloved Angel of material resources can help you find any resources that you need to excel in any endeavor and beloved Archangel Michael is Angel of strength, protection and courage. While we don’t worship Angels, they are a wonderful support to all human beings on Earth.

Climb every mountain….you will get there!!

With love and blessings,

Libby xoxo



Inspiration for Sunday: Archangel Raphael – Organic Foods

Inspiration for Sunday: Archangel Raphael – Organic Foods

(Courtesy of Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue) 

Image result for archangel raphael oracle cards organic food

“Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for supporting my desire to consume and use organic products.”

Archangel Raphael, the healing Archangel asks you to review to see if there’s any lifestyle changes you can make in your life.

Since the Christmas and New Year season is now officially over, we can now look on how to improve our health to increase our energy, to get REM sleep (or rapid shifting eye movements) and to balance our hormones.

In order to do this, we have been asked to make some small yet powerful changes to good health by eating organic foods.  You don’t need to go organic overnight! But just take one step at a time, towards a more stable and healthier diet can help you.

Living organically isn’t just limited to foods, since your body is sensitive to chemicals. You may also consider to use eco-friendly cleaning products and organic feminine hygiene products.

However, you feel you can live within your means (your budget) and live organically is not only good for your health and wellbeing for one thing, but also greatly helps the environment.

Healing with the Divine is in the partnership with the physical world.

Much love and blessings,

Libby xo



Card for today –  THE SUN: ARCHANGEL URIEL

Happy outcome! Brilliant new ideas that lead to success. Have confidence in yourself!”

“Here comes the Sun!” as George Harrison famously sung, and it is true – this card is a turning point to whatever may be bothering you, and this is now past you. There’s truly success and happiness within you and around you. It is time to celebrate!!

Archangel Uriel is the Angel of mental clarity and helps you to gain that mental focus and concentration on what is truly important on your life. You may experience a new lease on your life in terms of gaining new ideas, new alternatives on how you see the world, and how you view your own life.

Once again, you may also have recently experience feelings of loss, feelings of regret, feelings of failure, or feelings of guilt. Now, the reason why I’m bring this up this particular topic is not to make you feel bad – quite the opposite; rather to help you REALISE the need to RELEASE IT. You are NOT A FAILURE…..YOU ARE A SUCCESS!!!

As human beings, we are NOT meant to be perfect, we are here to learn, to grow, and to make mistakes. We are here for a DIVINE REASON. We are here to encounter all that is of human life all the good, bad, unsure, beautiful and unpleasant experiences.

But the Sun always rises, every single day. There is always a new beginning – and this card is a reminder that you rise from the ashes like the Phoenix – with the hope, love, peace, thankfulness and gratitude to bring joy to this world, both of your own personal world and to the greater world around each and everyone of us.

Have confidence with what you are doing….and where you are going. Listen to your spiritual team who are right beside you….leading to you to where you need to be.

In Spiritual Truth, we are PERFECT in the eyes of the UNIVERSE.

With love and blessings,

Libby xoxo

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(Courtesy of the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue)
“Your body is receiving accurate message from the Divine”.

As the 11/1 or 11:1 portal is now opened, you would have noticed that you would have received messages from the Divine and your spiritual team!

This is calling you to trust and have faith with what you have received. Even if you don’t understand, or even don’t believe what has been told to you through words, images, dreams, thoughts, through creativity or even through other forms of intuitive insights – please trust what is put before you.

“With faith all things are possible, with trust all things can be made into a reality.” Is a message I hear from Spirit.

Our human bodies are designed to store karmic data from past lives as well as karmic lessons and life experience. We are even infused with our soul DNA from the Divine. Our soul energy is constantly changing and there has been recent shifts.

Basically, EVERYONE will notice in some form either subtly or significantly to make a change and therefore this 11:1 has been given us – a gift to manifest something of our true, and of our deepest heart’s desire. That’s why you can write your manifestations down in a journal, an angel or Reiki box, a gratitude box, or just by praying or setting this very special intention.

Whatever wish or desire you have manifested today, hold that intention in your heart. Surround it with love, light. Be grateful and thankful for the Divine and Universal blessings that it will bring.

Listen to YOUR OWN INTUITION today….allow your guides, angels and Ascended Masters lead you where you need to go.

With all my love for this special day! Libby xoxo

P.S. There will be more significant portals throughout this year. So just go with the flow as we all begin 2018.

Listen to your intuitive feelings