Card for Monday: PEACE OFFERING

Card for Monday: PEACE OFFERING
(Courtesy of the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue)

This card is confirmation that a situation or a conflict has come to a peace ending. Or if a conflict or situation is still occurring that a peace offering will be offered to you, or you will be offering a peaceful offering to the other person or persons involved.

Arguments and misunderstanding occur because one, it’s human nature, two, we need to listen to each other, and three, we need to learn from other and finally four – we need to see the value through our own as well as other’s life experiences.

While we can’t always see eye to eye in every argument or misunderstanding with everyone, it is vital to try and see things from other person’s point of view. Please take the other person or persons feelings into consideration during this time. It is also an opportunity to reflect on your own feelings as well during this time of personal growth and transformation.

See that with every peace offering or peaceful ending that there is always a vital need of compassion and kindness towards everyone involved. Anything can be healed with patience and the ability to try and work things out with empathetic ear and a willingness to understand.

Leave the past behind where it belongs and allow the Divine’s infinite wisdom to help you resolve the situation or issue at hand. All will be well with love.

Additional meanings for this card: Be willing to forgive. Have compassion for everyone involved in this situation, including yourself. Accept another’s apology. See the humour in the situation.

White Buffalo Calf Woman  is a prophetess who appeared to the Lakota Native Americans. She presented the Lakotas with a special pipe amplify the power of their prayers and to bridge the connection between Heaven and Earth. As she turned to leave the tribe, she turned into a buffalo of different colours to signify the unity of all races of humanity. She promised that she would return to help bring unity and peace on Earth. The sign of her return is would be the birth of a white buffalo calf. Call upon White Buffalo Calf Woman to install harmony into your relationships and for world peace.

With love and blessings to all,

Libby xoxo

White Buffalo Calf Woman


The Full Worm Moon – March 1st, 2018


This Full Moon (or by Native American Full Worm Moon, who called this name to count for the lunar moon phrases to track their seasons) in March is going to be guiding us along as to where we have to focus our attention.

The Full Moon took place on Thursday March 1st, 2018 at 11 degrees Virgo. For many of you, it is a chance to detoxify and focus on self-reflection. March is indeed a special month, not only we have one, but two Moons!

There will be a Blue Moon that will occur on March 31st, 2018. (Please see below!) The Full Moon creates the simple setting of an intention towards oneself to be guided, and surrendering ourselves to the magnificent Moon can help us to tune in to the wisdom which is on offer.

The Full Moon in March is also working in conjunction with the February Solar Eclipse. It is the last Full Moon before the start of the astrological year.

If there are some things which you lease from the year gone past, or unresolved business which was stirred around the Solar Eclipse, this Full be giving you a helping hand.

Journaling and meditation are also great ways which will help you to tune into this energy. They will help you to receive the guidance you are looking for. Perhaps you are seeking towards breaking bad habits, learning to overcome any challenges or difficulties with grace and a positive attitude,

This Full Moon also carries a strong manifestation potential. When you are coming from a place of thankfulness and gratitude, this is when manifestation holds such great and wonders powers. Don’t worry so much on “how” or “when” it will be happen….just trust that will happen. Then, leave it to your beloved Spiritual team to help you and guide you. Anything can be healed, and anything can happen. Trust and to have faith is all that is needed.

Think about what energy you would like to bring into your life or what you would like to fill your life with. Set an intention to make it happen.

As this Full Moon is closely linked to the realms of health, as well healing, it is also the perfect time to schedule a checkup, start a new exercise regime, or detox. You can also seek guidance towards finding the right health practitioner of both eastern and western medicine with the help and support of Archangel Raphael, the Angel of Health and wellbeing; and in Hinduism – Lord Dhanvantri, the God of Ayurveda. You can also seek support from any other Ascended Master, spirit guide or Angel whom you feel comfortable that aligns with your spirituality.

With paying some attention to your overall wellness, this Full Moon is going to help you to feel nourished from the inside out. Any actions taken to nurture your health and wellbeing are also going to be amplified. You are likely to see great benefits.

Overall, this will be a beautiful Full Moon which strikes the perfect balance between being magical, as well as sensitive and intuitive, with being practical and very guidance driven. Be grateful and come from a place to seeing things from both sides of the story.

A blue moon isn’t an astrological term. It is a term that has only occurred from the 1940’s. There are two definitions that are generally accepted within the astrological and astronomy communities:

  • An extra full Moon that occurs in a season. One season—winter, spring, fall, summer—typically has three full moons. If a season has four full moons, then the third full moon may be called a Blue Moon.
  • The second full moon of a calendar month. It takes our Moon about 29.5 days to complete one cycle of phases (from new Moon to new Moon). Therefore, there will be an extra Moon in a calendar year. (This second definition has become more popular in recent decades).

While this Full Moon especially good for Taureans, Cancerians, Virgos, Scorpios, Capricorns and Pisceans, but it’s more challenging for everyone else. Stay in the moment if you are facing any difficulties and challenges. Try and see things from a different perspective and realise that with any obstacle or challenge, you can create the change that you need or want.

All in all, see the love, the understanding, the forgiveness that the Full Moon has to offer you.

With love and blessings for you and your loved ones on this blessed Full Moon. Libby xo

Next Moon Phrase: BLUE MOON – MARCH 31ST, 2018.







(Courtesy of the Messages from Your Angels by Doreen Virtue)

“I am the Angel of Peace. I bring you tranquillity, and a smoother road ahead.”

You have been through so much dear one, through so much turmoil and your soul is tired. Your mind is craving peace and quiet for now, and I am help you achieving this desire. I will give you new opportunities to spend some time alone where you can relax your mind and heart. I will bring you tranquillity to your soul so that you can mirror this peace of mind anytime. Everyone needs time to recuperate in order to restore your soul to its Divine Nature.

The storm of the situation that you are facing will soon pass. Nothing lasts forever, and you have such incredible strength in the face of such adversity. With every single breathe you take – make an intention towards healing to make you stronger, to bring more peace to your mind, body and soul. No matter how long this takes, it doesn’t matter. You know when you are ready to take your own personal leap of faith towards your next step of your journey.

For now, in order for the road to be smooth, you need to rest dear one. Know that you are forever loved, protected and guided in this progress. We have your back!!!

The journey is ready to continue, when you are fully charged and ready for action!

Much love and blessings,

Libby xo



(Courtesy of the Ascended Masters by Doreen Virtue)

Keep on persisting with your dreams as to manifest them into form by persistent actions and positive thinking.

Don’t be discouraged if things haven’t gone exactly the way you have hoped or anticipated. Give any fears or worries to Lugh and the angels who are giving you strength to stay persistent. They will give you faith and signs if your progress.

You’re nearly there, so keep going! It may help you to break up any larger tasks or projects into smaller steps. You will be thrilled of the sense of accomplishment with each step you take. Persistence and patience will help you complete any task or challenge.

Additional meanings of the card: Overcome any form of procrastination and take action today. Stick to your priorities and promises. Chip away your drama and desires with daily action steps. Stay positive and visualise as already manifested. Committed to your dreams for the long haul.

Lugh (pronounced loo) is the Celtic Sun God whose name means “the shining one”. His Celtic festival called Lughnasa, is celebrated worldwide of every summer. Call upon Lugh to help with mastering anything you’re learning, as well as enjoying the bountiful harvests of abundance.

Blessings Libby ✌🏻💖

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Quote for thought…..from The Prophet Muhammad…pbuh

Quote for thought…..from The Prophet Muhammad…pbuh

Quote for thought:

“Only an honorable man treats women with honor and integrity, and only a vile and dishonorable man humiliates and degrades women.”

  • Muhammad, The Prophet (pbuh) c. 570 CE – 8 June 632 CE

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who was founder of Islam and to many Muslims around the world, he is the last of God’s messengers to all people – both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Muhammad, like many other prophets before him (Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus) spoke of monotheistic teachings, which is the belief in one God.

Salaam and Blessings,

Libby xxx

Muslim Family
Family is the center of Islam, like many other religions and cultures.


Crystal for this week: RUBY – SHINE (February 5th – February 11th, 2018)

Crystal for this week: RUBY – SHINE (February 5th – February 11th, 2018)

Related Chakra associated with this crystal: Sacral Chakra
Crystal Colour: Deep shades of Red. Ruby crystals also come in star rock ruby

Dealing with the sacral chakra which is connected to creativity and sexuality is also very much related to emotions, thoughts, feelings, as well as intuition. However, with the sacral chakra it can also be a source of great trauma due to emotional wounds of the past, even as far back from childhood, going through your teenage or adulthood years; dealing with toxic relationships or friendships, repressed sexuality, blocked creativity, irrational fears or worries or even self-doubt.

For everyone it will be different since we are all different beings and our experiences. This powerful crystal while it cannot change our past, it helps us to see the significance, the wisdom and inner beauty within our life experiences however, painful they might be.

It is time to look deep into your inner being, into your soul to see your magnificence as a loving, compassionate and shining light that this world needs right now. You do have a part to play in the world. While at times, it is absolutely fine to feel a little down, or upset, since this is apart of being human. We are here to truly to experience life to the fullest – to truly experience both the good and harder times of life.

It is truly a time to SHINE, since you are that shining LIGHT. You are that light to keeps on going – no matter what. Imagine each single person on the planet is candle – and since we are all truly lightworkers; we all have our unique gifts and talents to bring to the world, to help other people, this light can never truly burn out….in fact it gets BRIGHTER! That’s why we are ALL LIGHTWORKERS!

I know that life can be challenge and difficult at times, but you are not alone on this journey. You have a wonderful support team around you. It’s just a matter of asking for help. Please if you feel that you need to talk to someone – here are some counseling hotline numbers below. (I have listed them in different countries so please call or contact the country that you live in). You can also contact your GP/health physician or a family member or friends.

You also have a wonderful spiritual team around you as well. Don’t be afraid to keep on asking for help Even if it’s praying, meditating or connecting in a way that is comfortable for you to speak to your Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, or anyone else that you resonate with. Please do.

So in brief:

  • Dissolves deep trauma and grief within the body and allows you to love yourself through the challenges of life
  • Enhances all passion in all areas of life
  • Deepens all sensual aspects of self, allowing you to receive a flow or life-force energy and creativity
  • Helps to recognize and source of inexplicable fear and anxiety

Just remember how truly wonderful, unique and lovable you are!!! You are loved!!!

Sending my love and crystal blessings to you all!
Libby xoxo

MensLine Australia:
Ph: 1300 78 99 78
Beyond Blue:

Ph: 1300 224 636
Ph: 13 11 14

Mental Health InfoSource:
National Institute of Mental Health:
1-888-ANXIETY (1-888-269-4389)

National helplines
Lifeline – 0800 543 354 or (09) 5222 999 within Auckland
Healthline – 0800 611 116
Samaritans – 0800 726 666

Men’s Health Forum
Phone: (+44) 020 7922 7908.
Anxiety UK
Phone: 08444 775 774 Mon-Fri, (9:30am-5:30pm)
Phone: 0845 767 8000 (daily, 6am-11pm)
SANEmail email:

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Card for today for Friday….

Card for today (Friday, January 19, 2018) – MAGDALENE
(Courtesy of Magdalene Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno)

How often do we seek to find solitude in the loving peace of our hearts? We sometimes forgot that we can find the answers we seek through finding them within ourselves. Trust your own intuition- for your own answers lies before you.

We ALL have divine feminine and masculine energies and today’s card calls you to be your own nurturer, comforter and yes, a mother to your own heart and soul.

Compassion, kindness and empathy come from a place of this Divine feminine energy. Despite what is occurring in the world without judgement, without name or shame; without seeking vengeance of others – seek to be a nurture FIRST of yourself before you nurture others.

You can speak your own truth, beloved ones but seek to balance your heart and soul with these Divine masculine and feminine energies. One isn’t better than the other and you can’t live one with the other.

In spiritual truth and in the eyes of the Divine – we are all equal.

Seek to love, to nurture, and to comfort with all your heart.

With blessings and love,

Libby 💖💖💖

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Yes, you can be mindful, brushing your teeth!!

Yes, you can be mindful, brushing your teeth!! 

“The best way to capture moments is to pay attention. This is how to cultivate mindfulness. Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing.”

  • Jon Kabat- Zinn
    an American Professor of Medicine Emeritus and the creator of Stress of Reduction Clinic and the Centre of Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society at the University of Massachusetts, USA.

Try bringing mindfulness into routine aspects of your daily life: 

  • When waking up the in the morning
  • When brushing your teeth
  • When taking a shower or bath
  • When drying your body.
  • When getting dressed.
  • When shopping
  • When travelling to work, school or for social activities.

There are endless examples of how you can bring mindfulness to your everyday life. You just need to bring yourself to the present moment – this time, this place, this exact moment. And breathe…..just breathe. Even just for a couple of minutes.



Card for today –  THE SUN: ARCHANGEL URIEL

Happy outcome! Brilliant new ideas that lead to success. Have confidence in yourself!”

“Here comes the Sun!” as George Harrison famously sung, and it is true – this card is a turning point to whatever may be bothering you, and this is now past you. There’s truly success and happiness within you and around you. It is time to celebrate!!

Archangel Uriel is the Angel of mental clarity and helps you to gain that mental focus and concentration on what is truly important on your life. You may experience a new lease on your life in terms of gaining new ideas, new alternatives on how you see the world, and how you view your own life.

Once again, you may also have recently experience feelings of loss, feelings of regret, feelings of failure, or feelings of guilt. Now, the reason why I’m bring this up this particular topic is not to make you feel bad – quite the opposite; rather to help you REALISE the need to RELEASE IT. You are NOT A FAILURE…..YOU ARE A SUCCESS!!!

As human beings, we are NOT meant to be perfect, we are here to learn, to grow, and to make mistakes. We are here for a DIVINE REASON. We are here to encounter all that is of human life all the good, bad, unsure, beautiful and unpleasant experiences.

But the Sun always rises, every single day. There is always a new beginning – and this card is a reminder that you rise from the ashes like the Phoenix – with the hope, love, peace, thankfulness and gratitude to bring joy to this world, both of your own personal world and to the greater world around each and everyone of us.

Have confidence with what you are doing….and where you are going. Listen to your spiritual team who are right beside you….leading to you to where you need to be.

In Spiritual Truth, we are PERFECT in the eyes of the UNIVERSE.

With love and blessings,

Libby xoxo

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(Courtesy of the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue)
“Your body is receiving accurate message from the Divine”.

As the 11/1 or 11:1 portal is now opened, you would have noticed that you would have received messages from the Divine and your spiritual team!

This is calling you to trust and have faith with what you have received. Even if you don’t understand, or even don’t believe what has been told to you through words, images, dreams, thoughts, through creativity or even through other forms of intuitive insights – please trust what is put before you.

“With faith all things are possible, with trust all things can be made into a reality.” Is a message I hear from Spirit.

Our human bodies are designed to store karmic data from past lives as well as karmic lessons and life experience. We are even infused with our soul DNA from the Divine. Our soul energy is constantly changing and there has been recent shifts.

Basically, EVERYONE will notice in some form either subtly or significantly to make a change and therefore this 11:1 has been given us – a gift to manifest something of our true, and of our deepest heart’s desire. That’s why you can write your manifestations down in a journal, an angel or Reiki box, a gratitude box, or just by praying or setting this very special intention.

Whatever wish or desire you have manifested today, hold that intention in your heart. Surround it with love, light. Be grateful and thankful for the Divine and Universal blessings that it will bring.

Listen to YOUR OWN INTUITION today….allow your guides, angels and Ascended Masters lead you where you need to go.

With all my love for this special day! Libby xoxo

P.S. There will be more significant portals throughout this year. So just go with the flow as we all begin 2018.

Listen to your intuitive feelings