About Libby

About Libby

Hello, and Welcome to Blessings by Libby’s website! Libby is a psychic medium, and angel intuitive light worker.

Libby has wholeheartedly embraced spiritually over the past year or so. She had an experienced an ‘epiphany’ so to speak when she was diagnosed with heart failure or cardiomyopathy. Since then, Libby has turned to looking for a higher meaning of her life. Libby stills believes in God, since she has been raised in a Catholic household, but has always been fascinated with World Religions as well as spirituality.

Spirituality is a broad topic with many modalities. Libby believes in being a life learner and learning as much as possible. Now, Libby has learnt Reiki as well as completed a number of Doreen Virtue’s online courses through Hay House.

Libby believes to help help other people through her spiritual and psychic gifts. Libby believes in helping others with their own individual, religious and spiritual journeys. Libby strongly believe in offering positive, ethical, honest, and compassionate reading to her clients. She believes in customer service and strive her hardest to achieve this.

Please feel free to contact Libby via her email address: blessingsbylibby@gmail.com!

Much love, light and Angel blessings!

Libby xo