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Card of the Day: Books

Card of the Day: Books

(Courtesy of the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue) 

“Your life purpose involves writing, reading, editing, or selling spiritually-based books.” 


Are you ready to learn something new? This card is a sign from your beloved Angels & guides to learn something new, something that I sense that you haven’t quite thought that you can do! But my lovelies, you can do this!

While this card may have multiple meanings, use your heart and your intuition for you to work out for yourself of what your own inner wisdom is trying to tell you.

For many of you, you will be heading back to school to learn something new – something which would lead you to a great career change. This could be online or at community college (TAFE) or university (college).

Being the keen lightworker that you are – you are interested in seeking more knowledge of the world we live in. You are seeking to help others through gaining a qualification to lead you to a career that is very rewarding in the long term.

For others of you, I can see you writing from your heart your own life experiences, both of happiness and of heartbreak, but it will definitely help others understand the importance of living for each day – each and every moment. Yes, for some of you – you will get your book published….keep the faith with this. It’s  not just Hay House Inc that is interested in publishing spiritually-based books, but many others! Do your research – there’s many out there!

Finally for some of you you will open spiritual bookstores. I can see some of you incorporating other holistic services such as counselling, massage and even crystal or energy healing into your shops. Not only will your business help others, but you will meet like-minded individuals such as yourself.

Be open to new opportunities as they come forward!

With love and blessings to you, my lovelies! <3

Libby xxx


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