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Card of the Day: BRIGIT- DON’T BACK DOWN (Friday)

Card of the Day: BRIGIT- DON’T BACK DOWN (Friday)

(Courtesy of the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue) 

“Stand up for what you believe is right” 


You are embarking on a period of great change – a change that is needed for your highest and best. This change may seem daunting or uneasy at first. Perhaps you may have some doubts or you feel you’re not ready for such a change. But Brigit is here with you – encouraging you to stick to your path…..your authentic path of your true self!

Naturally, it is normal to be curious about your future and if it is safety and filled with happiness. This card here today is a reminder to not allow fear, worry or doubt into your mindset. You are a powerful being of light and love – you can do anything you wish to put your mind to!

Rather, than allow these negative thoughts enter your mind – focus on what you do wish to achieve in your life. It’s time to take smaller steps towards your goal. No matter how big or little it may seem. With faith – anything is possible!

One step in particular is vital as you being a renewal phrase of change in your life: it’s time to be more assertive. Be true to your own beliefs and opinions. Be respectful to others with theirs, but yours are just as important too!

Listen to your own inner wisdom and release the inner God or Goddess of love and light within you!

Brigit is a triple-Celtic Goddess. She represents the three aspects of a woman: the young Virgin; the nurturing and loving mother; and the crone/sage/wise old woman. Brigit is the feminine counterpart of beloved Archangel Michael’s warrior energy.  She is a fiery Goddess who protects and encourages all who call upon her. 

With love and Goddess Blessings,

Libby xoxoxo


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