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Card of the Day: CALLING YOUR SOULMATE (For Tuesday)

Card of the Day: CALLING YOUR SOULMATE (For Tuesday) 

Caling your Soulmate

“Your prayers, affirmations,  and visualizations help bring you together.” 

Now, don’t be confused about this…..there is a real difference between a soulmate and a twinflame. (which I will try and explain briefly!)

Soulmates are unique souls who have separate energy from you  who are here to teach you a lesson in your present life. They are here to challenge you on a higher conscious – awakening your spiritual being to be the best version of you! But Soulmates can be your family members such as your parents, siblings, your neighbours, your best friend or even your dog! Keep in mind that not all soulmate relationships work out. 

Twinflames are souls who unique energies has been develop with you over many  previous lifetimes. This energy, has been transformed dramatically, all though unconditional love and understanding. Again, twinflames do help you achieve a high level of consciousness – even on further spiritual realms of ascension! However, not everyone has a twinflame in their current life. 

So back to Tuesday’s card…..

For the majority of you, I sense that everyone has been wanting love or friendship for a considerable amount of time. Please don’t worry, you will find the person you are seeking. For some of you – this is definitely feel like a love relationship, and since we are heading  towards the Spring Equinox which will take place around March 23, 2017. It is all about new beginnings and fresh starts.

In regards to friendship, there is no reason why you can’t rekindle with old friends or even make new friends as well. Since with this new energy of the Spring Equinox – which is happening worldwide, positive energy is changing for the better. So please don’t give up on socializing and renewing  your soul!

There are many different forms of love out there, and you are always loved by the Divine and your spiritual team. You are LOVED, FOREVERMORE. 

Love Libby xoxo


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