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Card of the Day: CRYSTALS

Card of the Day: CRYSTALS

(Courtesy of the Angel Therapy Cards by Doreen Virtue) 

“The energy of crystals supports you and helps with your present situation.”

Crystals have a unique way of healing our minds, bodies and souls. Born from Mother Earth, crystals have powerful healing vibrations already found deep within their being. With the many different colours, shapes, sizes and textures, each crystal has new life, new responsibilities and purpose for healing all on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

However, we can’t solely depend on a crystal for healing – but rather see a crystal as a tool, a partner, a supporter in our own healing and teaching process. You see, crystals offer us a pathway to seeing our own need for healing for ourselves and other people.
Crystals open up the chakras and release blockages both on our conscious and unconscious minds, they help us realise what we truly desire on many levels, and yes, help us find our true Divine connection to God, or to Source.

This card is also validating many of us to learn more about crystals and how crystals themselves have a powerful and unique life-force energy of their own.

Since coming from Earth, Crystals are some of our wisest, strongest and powerful teachers that we need for balancing the wellness of ourselves and our world.

Love Libby xo



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