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Card of the Day: DIVINE TIMING

Card of the Day: DIVINE TIMING

(Courtesy of the Indigo Angel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue & Charles Virtue)

“There is Divine Timing in always in Everything. You just need to trust in this Divine Process that all is well.” 


Today’s card comes with an important message of not only to have faith, but to remember that everything has a Divine purpose and has it’s own Divine Timing.

It’s not about making a wish or manifestation – those are slightly different things. I’m taking about learning and trusting the process of Divine Timing.

We all want things. We are have dreams, desires, goals and hopes. These are wonderful ambitions that the Divine encourages us as human beings to pursue, but is always constantly reminding us that there is free will involved in our own choices. As well as the choices in others. 

Every human being as free will. We are have the ability to make choices. Sometimes when we want something – it’s not that it won’t happen, but rather, perhaps something better is around the corner that we couldn’t possibility imagine!

Everything comes at the right time for every person. As human beings, once of the life lessons we all must learn is the need for patience and trust.

The Divine and your spiritual team knows what lessons and blessings are in store in your wonderful life -so please don’t worry. You will not miss out on anything! 

The Divine and your spiritual team are working with you to help you successfully achieve your ambitions. You have nothing to fear nor worry – and have everything to gain!

When trusting and learning about the process of Divine Timing, you realise how much time you have in your life to life, love, be happy, as well as enjoy life.

Trust your own intuition that you will be guided and protected in all ways.

With much love and many Angel blessings for you this weekend!

Libby xoxox


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