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Card of the Day: FORGIVENESS

Card of the Day: FORGIVENESS 

(Courtesy of the Butterfly for Life Changes Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue) 


“Forgiveness is necessarily to enrich the soul to move forward step by step. ” – Libby 

Today’s message is a simple, yet powerful message. What or whom do you need to forgive?

Perhaps you have too many things on your mind: too many feelings, emotions, thoughts, memories and you’re not sure how to release these burdens.You may keep this  stored emotional baggage that may be preventing you from moving forward.

When you release these blockages this will enable you to keep on reaching higher towards your dreams can achieve!

Forgiveness doesn’t mean that what other people did to you was okay, or that you need to spend any time with them. Rather, you are detoxing yourself away from any negativity, drama, emotional baggage, stress, or letting go from bad life experiences.

There are a number of ways to help you with this. You can pray to God, your Angels, Guides and Spiritual Team. You can connect with nature or meditate to relax. You can journal and write out your thoughts and feelings. You need to learn to have compassion for yourself and learn to forgive others.

There also many resources out there to help you cope with any trauma or emotional life experiences that you need support with. There’s support and counselling centers in your local area – so please don’t be afraid to ask and seek help! These services can help you gain the courage and confidence back to be true to yourself.

One final point… that God forgives. No matter what we all do in our lives is that we are always forgiven for our past mistakes. However – It is important to learn from our mistakes.  In our life’s journey, we are expected to learn and grow, but once we learn something – it’s it about applying it in everyday life.

Additional meanings: Letting go of the past. Adopting a more positive outlook. Releasing a toxic relationship with forgiveness. Past-life healing.

Love Libby xoxo


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