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(Courtesy of the Butterfly for Life Changes Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue)

Butterflies have always been a symbol of transformation and new beginnings. For the sense of the spirit animal, the butterfly brings renewed hope and faith in all that will be and all that we come to be. Think of the butterfly as your personal guide to your own personal transformation of beauty!

While we can’t change our past – as much as we would like to, as much as we would like to change any event, issue or person throughout any particular part of our lives, unfortunately it doesn’t work this way throughout human existence.

However, our past is our most valued and trustworthy teacher. We are able to see through our most beautiful, and granted our most painful experiences. It inevitable helps us learn to become stronger and more courageous people.

This card does indeed follow up on yesterday’s card. It symbolizes the energy of pure personal transformation at this moment in time. The Butterfly, itself also spiritually speak about looking deep within our emotional selves to turn into our spiritual selves. This may take time, effort and understanding to everyone involved.

In order to heal from our past we all need to understand the importance of forgiveness. Again, we can’t change we has happened in our past, but we can forgive people, events, or issues, and most importantly ourselves in our past. Forgiveness means that you may not agree with, believe or understand that you what happened to you was right, but you are willing to forgive or be given in order to release, to heal and like a beautiful butterfly to be reborn again with your sense of renewed purpose of yourself.

This progress is again, letting go of the old, in order for the new to begin. Like a caterpillar, it wraps the old around itself in its cocoon, before approximately after 2 week, it transforms into a beautiful butterfly to fly and share it’s renewed faith and love with the all the world.

The Butterfly is a symbol of the light soul that transforms every life change cycle.

Much love and Butterfly Blessings,

Libby xoxox


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