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Card of the Day: KEEP THE FAITH

Card of the Day: KEEP THE FAITH

(Courtesy of the Butterfly Oracles For Life Changes by Doreen Virtue) 


Keep the Faith

This card is reminding you to keep up the positive affirmations, prayer, positive thinking of anything else that you find helpful that will help you stay motivated and inspired towards to your goals.

I’m hearing that the worst is now behind you – and you can focus on the new and exciting road ahead of you!

Divine Intervention and Divine Timing are at play here, and sometimes, things may seem out of our reach. However, lapsing into pessimism won’t help your situation. Rather, reflect and pray to God, the Creator and your spiritual team the many realms of love and light.

With a positive outlook and faith, you can achieve anything you set your mind too! This card also means that you may discover your own pathway or version of spirituality! How exciting!

Everyone has their own way to spirituality and if you are just learning yours, just enjoy this process! It is the same with life – while you may have wonderful teachers and counselors, as well as a loving support team. The  ultimate decision is done by the student. So please enjoy it!

Additional meanings: Spiritual or religious study. A spiritual or religious community. Prayer vigil. Optimism, hope, and a positive outlook.

Sending my love and prayers to all of you!

Libby xox


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