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Card of the Day: NATURE

Card of the Day: NATURE

(Courtesy of the Numerology Guidance Cards by Michelle Buchanan) 

Affirmation: “I spend time in nature and align myself to Source.” 


Life is all about embracing nature in all is unique glory, and this is exactly what this message is for today. It has a literal meaning of getting out in nature, which may help you to connect more to the Divine energy that surrounds us at all times. Yes, we ALL have access to such a powerful Godly energy, and that is exactly what it is. God works is mysterious and wonderful ways. We all just need to be open to this.

I also sense it is also all of us being called for change. Since you may be still feeling the energies of the Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse – it is a gateway to a new beginning and a fresh starts. This may include changing a whole new way of being – either a different way of thinking, of doing, of kindness, of love, of everything – you get the idea. It’s time to realize the inner potential in YOU! You have a choice to live a true, authentic way of being.

Nature – which is associated with the colour green, is also associated with the heart. The heart chakra is the centre of our emotions, feelings, matters of love and heartbreak. But the heart can always be healed with love, particularly with self-love, self-compassion, and understanding. Being out in nature – even if it’s just simply a walk with a friend, with your dog, or just sitting breathing in some fresh air; you are cleansing your mind body and soul of these healing and powerful energies.

Sending lots of love and blessings to you my lovelies!

Libby xoxoxo


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