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Card of the Day: RENEWAL

Card of the Day: RENEWAL

(Courtesy of the Fairy Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine) 

“Renew the past and the present so you can plan a bring new future. Understanding your life purpose. Releasing judgement of yourself and others” 


This card is very relevant right now as wherever you are in the beautiful world of ours – will experience the beauty of a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in the astrological sign of Leo, on February 10th, 2017.

This is a very powerful energy as you will discover that it will open may gateways of renewal as well as new pathways for you. Perhaps there is something or someone in your life that has taught you something – not necessarily a lesson but more a cycle as been completed. But there always a sense of renewal. 

Let go of any previously held judgments of yourself and of others. With this very powerful energy – more exciting and even beautiful things can occur as well.  Leo, is a Zodiac sign associated with the Lion, which throughout history shown to have strength, courage, determination, persistence, and assertiveness. You may find yourself have a combination of all these qualities as you experiences the wonders of these powerful and healing energies. You can forgive yourself and others during this time of releasing and renewal.

Again, there is nothing to be afraid of – and quite the contrary – you may experience love in your life if you have been single for some time; or  you may get a job that you have search for, for so long, you have get that home you have been hoping for. Miracles can occur during this time with good and heart felt intentions. 

I see Angels as well as a beautiful Lion escorting us through the gateway of a new path and a direction of love, hope, peace and happiness. All of us just need to be ready, and willing to do our part to make our goals a reality. Whatever path you take – please know you are always guided and protected at all times.

With many Moon blessings to you on this beautiful night!

Libby xoxoxo


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