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Card of the Day: SERENDIPITY

Card of the Day: SERENDIPTY

(Courtesy of the Wisdom of the Oracle
By Colette Baron-Reid)

Essential meanings of this card: Opportunity allied with readiness, the awareness of synchronicity, luck or good fortunate appearing in signs and symbols; a magical alignment of events.

The Oracle’s Message: You have stepped up in alignment for the highest and greatest good, where your dreams and subconscious dreams resonate in exquisite harmony. Now, is the time of preparation, creativity, connection, and luck in creating the miracles that your heart and soul desire. It isn’t without work – as you are in partnership with Divine sources of knowledge. This is something that perhaps you have never imagined for yourself.

Please keep in mind that you are a channel for providence of this higher source uses you as a force on the behalf of the whole world. The Divine source is accessible to EVERYONE. Your fortune, will be everyone’s fortune. Everything that you bring into being – into existence with the highest intentions with love and light will therefore leave a wondrous legacy for many further generations to come.

Everything is ENERGY. We are all ENERGY. Our souls, have a unique memory. While our physical beings may change – our soul memory doesn’t. Your service to this world, in the hear and now, has a lasting legacy. You are strongly supported at this time. Expect the unexpected. Be present.

Smile, for Spirit loves so much.


Libby xoxo

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