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Card of the Day: THE WORLD – UPRIGHT

Card of the Day: THE WORLD

(Courtesy of the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck) 


If you have ever heard the saying; “The World is your oyster!” this card is for you! Upright, this card has many meanings, so it’s best to follow your own intuition to see which one may apply to you right now.

You may be experiencing a time of celebrations -pregnancy, birth, weddings, engagements, and birthdays, or even socializing with friends or relatives you haven’t seen in ages. It is a joyful and happy all around!  It’s important to be with those whom you treasure in your life and value in your life. As they have always been there for you – one day, in turn; you will be there for them.

You may also noticed with this card the different seasonal changes – many changes that await you! This is what this card can also symbolize an area of your life that has now (or will be very soon) completed. This could be in regards to a job, a course of study, a relationship, depending on your own personal circumstances. While things in your life may be completed or nearly completed due to cycles, you may also experience, a sense of accomplishment or praise for all your hard work. Be open to allowing others to admire you and congratulate you on your work – you do deserve this recognition.

If you have just ended a relationship, please know that you are lovable, and to focus on what you have learnt from that person or relationship that have you have experienced this cycle with. Sometimes, people come into our lives to teach us a lesson – something about ourselves that we didn’t realize. It is both a lesson and a blessing.

The World in Tarot can also hint the need to travel and to have fun – we all have our own pathway to follow and it is vital to have fun and enjoy ourselves. So follow your heart, your intuition and allow the wind to blow in the direction you need to go in. It’s important to open your eyes to our world, and how we all have a role to play to make it better for everyone.

With love and blessings,

Libby xoxoxo


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