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Crystal of the Week: SPIRIT QUARTZ – MUSIC

Crystal of the Week: SPIRIT QUARTZ – MUSIC

(Courtesy of the Crystal Reading Cards – The Healing Oracle by Rachelle Charman)

For the week commencing on: Monday, 23 April 2018

Crystal Colours: Lavender, White and Pink
Related Chakras:
All chakras

Music is a universal language. Music can be found in all areas of the global – in every culture, in every religion, and in every country. While we may not speak each other’s language, Music holds the unique vibration of what doesn’t need to be spoken, but yes, of a vibration, of rhythm, it opens up your psyche to all opportunities and all possibilities. The Spirit Quartz, hold the same healing intentions as music of sound, to soothe, to express emotion, and to heal all our chakras.

The Spirit Quartz also wishes to help you embrace life in all its wonder. While life can have its ups and downs, this powerful and healing crystal can help you find balance, harmony and pure joy in all things if you simply embrace the small things. Yes, the little things.

How often has music throughout your life brought back a memory? From a moment in your past: From your first day at school? From your very first job or even your very first kiss? Both good and bad – music always implements our memories of what we wish to see, of what we wish to remember, and in return, this is again about the healing vibrations that we receive.

Music opens you to the higher vibration of your own spiritual knowledge base. If you are open to this, you are able to receive more wisdom to a journey that you are in, in this very moment. Perhaps you need to ask Spirit a question or topic that you need guidance on – and you will get a reply to this. Spirit Quartz helps you to awaken your own musical and psychic abilities, because of this higher and healing vibrations.

So in brief:

  • Opens you to your natural gifts, talents and passions related to sound and music
  • Opens you to the music of the Cosmos
  • Connects you to the Fairy realm and nature spirit, to a sense of magic
  • Balances the chakras, and the energy field, creating wellbeing
  • Invokes balance and inspiration
  • Aligns to the pure joy and freedom that is your birthright

With love and Crystal Blessings,

Libby xo

Spirit Quartz

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Love is a very powerful force. Love can conquer all.
Love is a very powerful force. Love can conquer all.


(Courtesy of The Secret Language of Color Cards by Inna Segal) 

Rose is a color of romance, deep love and affection. It assists in opening the heart in attracting a healthy and soulful relationship. The color Rose is also excellent to help to raise your self-esteem, and to help with any form of loneliness or  sadness. It is also great to release worry or stress.

We all have many relationships or friendships in our lives. We all attract those whom we want in our lives. Relationships come in many different forms: platonic, friendships, family relations, furry babies, and acquaintances.

If you are seeking that special someone – that one person whom you want to have a healthy, soulful, and kindred relationship with, you need to ask yourself, if you are truly ready to have such a person in your life.  If you are seeking this person – remember that the color Rose can help you attract this person. Remember that real love  and true love, takes time, effort and understanding. It takes a while, and sometimes months or years to really know a person.  Unfortunately, it isn’t like the movies, or music, sadly.

True love, and real love, if you are lucky to find it – does exist. Sometimes you love this person, sometimes you don’t. But you love this person wholeheartedly – you see them at their best, and at their worst. Real love means that you find a sustainable soul that you can share your life with; your ups and downs;your joyous and happiest moments; your disappointments; and your fondest moments.

Like a Rose, while it may contain prickly thorns that could hurt you, try and see the beauty of love. There is much beauty in the eye of the beholder in a relationship in love.

Love is all around us. Be open to love.

Love will always bring two beautiful souls together.

With love and blessings,



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(Courtesy of the Guided by the Angels Card Deck by Adolfo Perez Agosti & Antonio Perera) 

Veuliah name means ‘God the dominant King”. He is a part of the Principal Angelic Choir. In astrology, the planet he is associated with is the Sun.

This beloved angel tends to mix well and there is successful at work, receiving gratitude for services rendered. He is influential among, the famous, well known and powerful and he gain prestige from these circles. Veuliah implements up-to-date ideas and strategic actions in order to consolidate his position.

If you need help and assistance here’s some of the reasons to invoke help from Veuliah:

  • To have inner peace and prosperity
  • To destroy our internal enemies such as fear
  • To be successful in just cause
  • To obtain favors from important import
  • For protection and prosperity in business
  • For those who have birthdays on: 17 February, 1 May , 13 July, 24 September, 6 December. Veuliah is your special angel!!!

With love and blessings,



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Card of the Day: THE WORLD

Card of the Day: THE WORLD

(Courtesy of the Fairy Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine)

A brilliant success! The freedom to go in any direction. A journey this now complete.

While in the air, there are endings, there are merely beginnings as well. The world is around, and its orbit creates a cycle of life. It filled with possibilities and opportunities – and to just remind you….it is YOURS!

So please don’t limit yourself. You are not trapped – you are just beginning onwards on your journey, but if this cycle has finished be opened to another exciting and adventurous journey ahead.

You need to value yourself – You need to value your skillset, your time, your own personal power, and your own resources. While you can be a great support and comfort to others, it is vital to care and love yourself enough to see the true value in YOU.

Happiness comes from enjoying the journey, not solely the destination. Therefore, the World is truly your oyster. The World values you, because you value yourself.

Enlightenment comes from knowing who you truly are. And living this enlightenment with integrity.

Additional meanings of this card: A journey that has now come to an end. New beginnings. Great achievements. The freedom to go in any direction of your choice.

With love and Tarot blessings,

Libby xo

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Crystal of the Week: EMERALD – COMPASSION

Crystal of the Week: EMERALD – COMPASSION

(Courtesy of Crystal Reading Cards – The Healing Circle by Rachelle Charman)

For the week commencing: April 16th, 2018 – April 22nd, 2018

Crystal Colour: Opaque to translucent greens
Related Chakras:

The Emerald Green Crystal is a symbol of youth, beauty, love, and is a divine connection that stirs the soul to the heart of spring, symbolizes hope, peace, prosperity, renewal, growth and hope for the future.

Emerald has been a fascinating gemstone for centuries in many different cultures around the world in ancient times. as it has been used as a breastplate for both Kings and Queens, it has been sold in the markets of Babylon as early as 4,000 B.C. It was also a stone worshipped by the Incas, believed by the Chaldeans to contain a goddess, and was very much highly regarded by all major religions for its spiritual power and beauty. Emerald was considered a symbol of eternal life in ancient Egypt, a gift from the Egyptian God Thoth – the God of wisdom.

Emerald has been consider to be a stone of wisdom, a revealer of truth and knowledge, and to open up one’s intuition. The Emerald crystal also provides opening to Universal love and compassion to yourself, to the Universe and to other people.

This beautiful translucent green crystal is a constant source of inspiration of infinite patience to yourself – to find balance, harmony and understanding with your own emotional and mental clarity. It will help you find the right decisions and answers that are right for you. Emerald also promotes bliss, understanding between friends, balance and understanding between partners – and is particularly known to provide domestic bliss, contentment, loyalty and to soothe communication.

This Emerald Crystal was dedicated in the ancient world to the Roman goddess, Venus, (or the Greek counterpart – Aphrodite; both of these goddess irrespective of their mythologies were goddesses of love.) for its ability to insure the security in love – and as we all know – the many different forms of love.

As I have previously spoken about, the essence of compassion is to “co-suffer” or “suffer with” as it is translated in Latin. While we can’t change our past towards love, (and remember there are many different forms of love – platonic, family relations, friendships, romantic relationships, etc) We can make amends towards finding understanding within ourselves.

What I mean by this is to see ourselves through Divine love. There is no judgement, no bullying, no put downs. Just Divine love and unconditional love. Once again it isn’t about blaming others, blaming situations or issues, or more importantly blaming ourselves.

This is truly about moving forward, this is about seeking to find out what you really want and need in this point in time. The past has been a valued resource, but it doesn’t define us.

As we have just encounter a New Moon in Aries, we owe ourselves for this spiritual checkup. The Emerald Green crystal will help us all to open up to Divine love and light.

A New dawn has come. Rather than running away from it, it’s time to make important decisions towards your future. Use the Emerald Green Crystal to seek your own inner truth, as it reveal your own hidden truths within you.

Because when it all comes down to, is love. All you need is LOVE. 

So in brief:

  • Promotes divine love and compassion
  • Assists in staying connected with the wisdom of the heart
  • Deeply connects the heart chakra and assists in creating intimacy.
  • Assists in letting go of old connections and superficial relationships

With love, and crystal blessings,

Libby xo


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 (Courtesy of the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue)

Peace isn’t about being alone, nor choosing to give up, although for many people, they would say peace would mean these definition.  However, I can’t speak for everyone, so I will just express my own interpretation. You’re welcome to come up with your own conclusion.

Peace is more surrendering for me. It’s not actually about giving up a situation or a problem or a person. Nor is it about being alone. In truth, we are never really alone, even though we seem to feel like it at times. We are constantly surrounding by people we love – both in the physical and the in the spiritual worlds.

Peace gives us understanding of a situation or a conflict. Remember there are two or more sides to every single story. It is also about not taking a side, but rather gathering information about everyone’s side. The more information you gather, then you can decide for sure what further action (if necessary) to take next. The ultimate decision is yours.

While I have very much written about peace on an individual level, on a global level, we need to find peace within our world. If we are unhappy with what our world leaders are doing – there are ways to make our voices heard – it is choosing peaceful options: protesting, writing, and even using social media – both to do research to expand our own world knowledge.

While the world energy is changing, so too are we. Peace is very hard to do on a global level. We need to start to listen and understand one another. As Yogananda believed that all world religions and cultures are all connected and have a pathway towards Divinity, isn’t it time to find that common ground? We still have a long way to go, and we may not have all the answers, but with peace anything is possible.

Peace and understanding lead to love – love for your fellow human beings. We are one…..we are all truly connected.

Paramahansa Yogananda (born: 5 January 1893 – died: 7 March 1952)

is very famous for his book ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ which introduced both Indians and Westerners to teachings and philosophy of Kriya Yoga and meditation. Yogananda’s teachings through his books emphasised an oneness with all spiritual and religious paths, and to focus upon a deep connection with God/The Divine/The Universe. You can call upon Yogananda when you need guidance on your own spiritual path, or when you need help for creating and developing your own yoga and meditation practices.



Choose Peace

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(Courtesy of the Messages from your Angels by Doreen Virtue)

“New psychic and spiritual experiences are changing the way you view the world and yourself. Allow your spiritual gifts to open – through study, prayer and meditation.”

As we approach the New Moon in Aries on Sunday April 15 2018 (and it is also the end of the Mercury Retrograde as well) we will all arise to a new beginning both of a sense of personal empowerment and spiritual empowerment.

This is a time to acknowledge and remember that you are indeed gifted – the world needs everyone to embrace who they are truly are! We all have unique and psychic gifts – it is just a matter of remembering and unblocking these gifts.

Go, seek and find your psychic or spirituality abilities: whether it is clairvoyance, clairaudience, mediumship, tarot card reading, Astrology, Shamanism, palmistry, reflexology, life coaching, counselling or anything that makes you happy and brings you that creative drive and passion!

Take time, my angels, for you need time to believe in yourself and master what the Divine has truly given you. It is Heaven sent!

Go, spread your wings and fly beloved Angels!

Love Libby xoxo



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Card of the Day: THE MOON & SECRETS

Card of the Day: THE MOON & SECRETS

(Courtesy of the Dreamtime Reading Cards by Laura Bowen)

I thought to write what the writer, and artist Laura Bowen who is of Aboriginal Australian descent of what this card means to her. Her indigenous connections are to the Worimi/Birpai people of the Manning River area of New South Wales in Australia.

We will experience a New Moon in Aries on Sunday, April 15th which aligns with the planet Uranus. This is a positive change as well as the ending of the Mercury Retrograde as Mercury will then go forward! Yay!!!

Anyway, the card reading for today…..

“Although in a lot of traditional societies, the moon is associated with femininity, but I had always thought it to be male. It is because of this fact it is associated with secrets and mystery, Traditionally what we call ‘men’s business’ or ‘women’s business’ were gender-specific and not shared with the opposite gender. The Moon is very powerful. It controls the cycles of the oceans and the female womb. During the full moon, it offers periods of illumination. As it wanes down the dark moon, the earth is once again returned to darkness and questioning. 

The Moon is a messenger offering the knowledge that life continually cycles – you may never have all the answers or understanding of why things happen the way they do, but you can be assured the cycles continues as the moon moves through its phrases. You have times of power and times of stumble in the darkness. There will be answers that are illuminating and moments where your emotions  will feel overwhelmed by unanswerable questions.

At a time of feeling unsure, it may be wise to remember your personal power and your inner light. Take action and responsibility for the life you are living. the moon represents a time for making intentions, for seeking answers, and acknowledging your own power.”

With love and blessings,

Libby xo


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(Courtesy of the Angel Answers Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue) 

“With A Little Help from My Friends……” is the famous song by the late Joe Cocker and is ringing loudly in my ear. This card is a direct and divine message for all of us to know that it’s okay to seek help and support from those whom we trust.

When we have a support team that values us, understands us, and love us the goals become more manageable, achievable, realistic and worth all that hard work and the wait!

We have our beloved spouse or partner, friends, family members, not to mention our furry friends too! This network that is your ‘wonderful warrior world’ and a whole network here on Earth that gets you, and definitely has your back no matter what!

Nevertheless, there’s also a wonderful network of Divinity support of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and Spirit Animals that get you too!

Never feel that you walk alone on this planet, because there’s always support around you……don’t be afraid to ask for support, guidance and help when you need it!!!

Divinely conquer your goals…’re worth it!

Libby xoxo

Ask for Help

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Crystal of the Week: ROSE QUARTZ – INNER CHILD

Crystal of the Week: ROSE QUARTZ – INNER CHILD

(Courtesy of the Crystal Reading Cards by Rachelle Charman) 

Week Commencing on Monday April 9th, 2018

Crystal: Rose Crystal 
Crystal Colour: Various shades of Pink 
Related Chakras: 

Rose Quartz is famous for is gentle nature stone of love and compassion. With it’s nurturing and healing proprieties of kindness, soft yet subtle energies – will help you open up heart to receive love, compassion, understanding and kindness towards your inner child.

We all deserve to feel safe, and secure within our being. As children we seek to find comfort, warmth, nurture, security and safety with people whom we trust – this more than likely our immediate family, our parents, our siblings, our grandparents, our friends, our teachers, – who all play a vital role in being our protectors and guardians.

However, sadly and tragically not all children are so luckily to have all these trustworthy and honorable people in their life. For children are born so innocent, angelic and perhaps naïve and are very impressionable at the very early stage of their life. Yet for many people worldwide childhood traumas have uncovered a range of issues once an individual reaches adulthood – addictions,  crime, poverty, homelessness, unemployment drugs, mental illness, health issues, and unfortunately, may become part of a seemly never-ending and unbreakable cycle of trauma, loss and conflict.

Yet, there is always a choice of free will. We all have an inner child – even as an adults. We all need to understand that it’s okay to show a vulnerable side of ourselves, even to remember our own inner child. For this crystal for this week is a gentle reminder that your own inner child needs to be acknowledged. While we can’t change the wrongs of the past, we can determined the rights of the future. We can learn to begin again, to see the love, the kindness of our own hearts, through our inner child.

Now, this card does strongly speak about love, compassion, kindness and indeed forgiveness of ourselves. (and perhaps of others – however, it should be noted this is a personal decision.)  We may experience old and painful wounds that do need to be released with the help of our inner child.

While still experiencing the Mercury Retrograde which ends this week, the powerful energies will still intensive as part of releasing, surrendering and letting go as this will help us all in our emotional healing.

So in brief: 

  • Deepening self-love and acceptance
  • Opens your heart to accept unconditional love
  • Enhances compassion, gentleness, and nurturing of the soul
  • Brings self-fulfillment and inner peace
  • Supports individuals going through divorce or separation

It also should be noted that forgiveness doesn’t mean that you forgive a person or situation (this is a personal choice and it’s up to you). However, you wish to surrender this emotion to the Divine in order to move forward, and to help you heal in a healthy way. You can always speak to a qualified and professional counsellor or therapist to help you find the root cause of your emotional issues.

Remember, that we are ETERNALLY LOVED by the Divine and your Spiritual Team.

With love and blessings,

Libby xoxo


MensLine Australia:
Ph: 1300 78 99 78
Beyond Blue:

Ph: 1300 224 636
Ph: 13 11 14

Mental Health InfoSource:
National Institute of Mental Health:
1-888-ANXIETY (1-888-269-4389)

National helplines
Lifeline – 0800 543 354 or (09) 5222 999 within Auckland
Healthline – 0800 611 116
Samaritans – 0800 726 666

Men’s Health Forum
Phone: (+44) 020 7922 7908.
Anxiety UK
Phone: 08444 775 774 Mon-Fri, (9:30am-5:30pm)
Phone: 0845 767 8000 (daily, 6am-11pm)
SANEmail email:

Rose Quartz


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Card for today: MAWU – MOTHER EARTH

(Courtesy of the Goddess Guidance Cards by Doreen Virtue)

“You are called upon to help with environmentalism”

Our deep connection with Mother Earth calls us to her find balance and harmony within our planet – with all four elements – fire, air, earth and water. When using all these elements wisely and most resourcefully we can achieve great things not only for ourselves but for our planet.

Why do to seem to not treat our planet with the respect and courtesy as many of our ancestors and many Native people around the world have done so for many years? Since they have learnt to respect Mother Earth – the nurturer, the provider, the carer, and the giver that they need to survive. Yes we have come along way in terms of technology, medicine, science and knowledge to evolve and survive even further.

Yet, Mother Earth still needs us, and in turn, we still need her. For now, we only have one planet – and no matter how big or small our environmental contribution to help Mother Earth, it is still important to let her know she is loved, she is important and she is by far one of our greatest teachers in history.

Not to be disrespectful towards any medical, science or technological communities making new discoveries everyday to help all of humanity, but one of the greatest discoveries throughout all existence would have to be discovery the beauty, and the moment, the presence of Mother Earth.

Additional meanings of this card:
Your life’s purpose involves environmentalism. Use earth friendly products. Recycle. Get involved with an environmental activism group. Teach others about environmentalism.

About MAWU: (pronounced MAT-WOO)
She is a West African moon goddess who is believed to have created all life, with her husband, the sun god, Liza. Mawu helps all who call upon her to learn to live in harmony with nature and to respect resources. She ensures that we are abundantly supplied with our needs without causing harm to our planet.

With love and blessings,

Libby xo

If you are interested in receiving your own Goddess reading, short readings are available for $20.00! (Australian dollars Only)

Please contact Libby via our contact form for details!!! Thank you!!!


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Card of the Day: THROAT CHAKRA

Card of the Day: THROAT CHAKRA

(Courtesy of the Angel Therapy Cards by Doreen Virtue)

“The Angels are helping you loving speak your truth.”

There is no coincidence that this card came up today on Good Friday as we continue to learn and grow throughout this very powerful week.

No matter what your personal beliefs may be, if you consider yourself to be religious or non-religious, this week have shown to be very intense physically, emotionally, and mentally as we continue in Mercury Retrograde (this doesn’t finish until April 15th, 2018) and as you can guess, we will experience a Blue Moon and Full Moon in Libra on March 31st, 2018.

As a reminder the Mercury Retrograde deals with communication, technology, languages and relationships. The throat chakra is most often affected by this very astrological period since the throat is widely used in communication between people both privately and professionally. The colour for the throat chakra is BLUE. In Sanskrit, the throat chakra is known as “Vishuddha” which means “extremely pure”. Blue is the colour that is strongly connected or associated to divinity, truth, faith, peace and calm, connecting on a deeper level to your inner self, symbolic thinking, aware of subtle energies, and living with spirit within.

The Angels and your beloved spiritual team have called you to speak your truth close to your heart. The very first thing that comes to your mind is what you need to speak about. Even if you’re not sure about what to say, or what necessary action to take, please don’t worry. Please call upon beloved Archangel Gabriel – the messenger Angel who can help you build your confidence and help you speak eloquently, truthfully and above all with love to yourself and to others.

“Archangel Gabriel I call upon you now. Thank you for your guiding in the expression of of my inner truth and wisdom. I ask that you watch over me in all that I say and in all that I write so that I can convey my inner messages.”

When you speak your truth with love, light and confidence, you know what you are doing. You are always given a purpose. You are given this card is a gift to know that you are indeed always heard and in return, you will always listen. In order to paying forward this precious gift, listen to your spiritual team’s guidance. Allow their love, light and support to be showered upon you.

For you are a beloved lightworker of love and light.


Libby xoxo