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Quote for Thought: from Ascended Master, BUDDHA

Quote for Thought: from Ascended Master, BUDDHA 


I must be honest and say that I actually heard this quote clairaudiently (clear hearing) earlier today. I felt it was special message not only for myself, but I intuitively felt that many other people need to hear this message as well. 

Buddha believed in living a humble and modest life. Buddha also believed that life does include suffering yet in life there needs to be the essence of compassion, understanding and kindness to every living thing. Compassion in Buddhism, is more understanding others, but also understanding of oneself through wisdom. Buddhism is more than just a religion, it’s a way or life.  Buddhism can briefly summed up in three points:

  • To lead a moral life
  • To be mindfully aware of our thoughts and actions, and
  • To develop wisdom and understanding

So when Buddha says “What we think, we become” it applies to who we wish to be – what path or direction we wish to take.   If we wish to change our lives, our future, our path, we can – it comes down simply to our passion, our motivation, our drive, our aspiration towards who or what we wish to become.

So is change possible? Absolutely! If you wish to change one aspect of yourself, or even to have a complete makeover, this is indeed possible. There is only one, unique and beautiful you! And you are beautiful! 

Since there are many different dominations of Buddhism, because of the emphasis changes from country to country due to the different customs and culture, however the essences of the Dharma or Truth of Buddhism doesn’t not change.  I am reminded of Zen Buddhism, which has originated out of China. The essence of Zen is to immense yourself into it.

What I mean is, if you want to become healthier, fitter, mindful, patient, loving, kind, assertive or anything else – you just need to immense yourself into it! If you want that job, or if you want to finish that course, or if you want be more financial stable, or anything else that you wish to be –  it’s time to immense yourself into this moment….to think and become who you truly are!!

Your mind, is your master and teacher. Be present in this moment, be thankful, be grateful. All will be well.


Libby x

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Sage Smudging Prayer for today….May we be blessed

Sage Smudging Prayer for today….May we be blessed

I light this Sage for energies of protection, purification, courage and empowerment; In this time, space and energy – in the here and now.

And so it is.

May we all be blessed by these powerful and positive energies.

Namaste 🙏🏻


sagewhite smudging


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Native Wisdom for White Minds

Native Wisdom for White Minds:

Daily Reflections Inspired by the Native People of the World

By Anne Wilson Schaef


“Remember and think about the closeness of the Wakan-Tanka (The Great Spirit, or the Creator) if they believe in this wisdom, it will give them endless strength and hope. “

 – Frank Fools Crow
Lakota Chief and Spiritual Leader, American Indian

Frank Fools Crows was one of the clearest and most powerful people I have ever known. Never was I in the presence of anyone who was consistently walked so close to  the Wakan-Tanka. His entire life was devoted to treading the spiritual path and healing those who came to him. Just being in his presence was a source of strength and healing, and he shared his knowledge and wisdom with all who came. He never discriminated.

For Fools Crow, Waken-Tanka, was not an abstraction Wakan-Tanka was a friend, an adviser, an expert, a physician, a colleague and a constant companion. Wakan-Tanka was a sponsor and a mentor,. Wakan-Tanka was a boss, always, and one only had to walk the path of the Wakan-Tanka and consult with Wakan-Tanka in all one’s affairs. And Frank Fools Crow did.

Wakan-Tanka is not an abstraction of our lives. Wakan-Tanka is our lives.

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Quote for thought: The Art of Love

Quote for thought: The Art of Love

“Those who are seriously concerned with love as the only rational answer to the problem of human existence must, then, arrive at the conclusion that important and radical changes in our social structure are necessary, if love is to become a social and not a highly individualistic, marginal phenomenon.”

– Erich Fromm, American social psychologist, psychoanalyst, sociologist, & humanistic philosopher

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CHOOSING LIFE: Native American Wisdom – April 2, 2018

Native American Wisdom for this Day (April 2 2018) CHOOSING LIFE

(Courtesy from the “Native Wisdom For White Minds”
Daily Reflections Inspired by the Native Peoples of the World by Anne Wilson Schaef)

“When I choose life, I choose myself. I choose Creation.”

Quote from American Indian Shawnee Elder, Barney Bush:

“I started drinking more seriously, seeking refuge, seeking death actually, from a world that was feeling more and more unnatural to me. Following a painful accident related to drinking, I finally realized that I must decide whether to follow I want to follow my grandparents or to truly take up this life. Circumstances that followed led me to choose life.”

Alcohol and drug abuse is a terrible problem for Native people throughout the world. Every colonialized nation has introduced alcohol and drugs to the Native people, which has destroyed their cultures, their families and their spirituality – their own unique and sacred connection to Mother Earth.

For many Native people and Westerners around the world, alcohol and drugs are more often a welcoming sedatives to numb the hurt and burdens that shut off the pain of living in a “unnatural” and destructive system. The issue with addiction is: “Do I want to numb myself and fit into the system?” If this isn’t a viable alternative, the issue the becomes “Do I want take up this life?”

The life that the Divine and Creator has given us may be hard for others to understand, and maybe that will be some people that will never know the hardships. But to live your truth, to choose life…..and to be one to teach others about your life experiences – is truly a humble lesson for all humanity to learn. All Native people of our beautiful world have much wisdom within their souls, within their being, and since they are so much connected with our Earth, they certainly make our finest and humblest teachers on this Earth.

With love and blessings to you, all.

Libby xoxo

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Quote for thought….Learn, Live, & Hope

Albert Einstein

Quote for thought….Learn, Live, & Hope


“LEARN from yesterday,
LIVE for today
HOPE for tomorrow”

  • Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicist & Scientist

Sky with stars

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Quote for Thought: RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS…..

Quote for Thought: RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS…..

“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, save in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you”.

  • Princess Diana

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Quote for thought…..from The Prophet Muhammad…pbuh

Quote for thought…..from The Prophet Muhammad…pbuh

Quote for thought:

“Only an honorable man treats women with honor and integrity, and only a vile and dishonorable man humiliates and degrades women.”

  • Muhammad, The Prophet (pbuh) c. 570 CE – 8 June 632 CE

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who was founder of Islam and to many Muslims around the world, he is the last of God’s messengers to all people – both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Muhammad, like many other prophets before him (Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus) spoke of monotheistic teachings, which is the belief in one God.

Salaam and Blessings,

Libby xxx

Muslim Family
Family is the center of Islam, like many other religions and cultures.