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Energy Card for Today: YOU FOUND IT!!

Energy Card for Today: YOU FOUND IT!!

St Anthony of Padua, who has a similar role of Archangel Chamuel (a beloved Archangel who helps those looking for) can help you find what you have been seeking! Remember what has previously lost, has now been found – whether it is a new career path, a new love interest, a new hobby, your own self confidence and self-respect; or even a lost item of significant value. For everyone it will be different.

Pay close attention to your feelings, emotions, thoughts, visions, dreams and other Divinely guided signs. You will be given the answers to your prayers. Keep in mind that while you may want or need a particular prayer answered – the Divine or a Higher Power has a plan for you….and while you may not understand or even be anticipate or be ready for this change…..remember that this is Divine Timing for this and this is the discovery for this blessed change.

St Anthony of Padua, Italy was considered a miracle worked performing many healings and miracles. While a Catholic Saint, people of all walks of life call upon him to help find lost items, as well as to help find their faith in God (the Divine) with miraculous results.

With love and blessings,

Libby xoxo

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