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Please find below the available services offer by Libby. Payment is ONLY accepted via PayPal.   Prices are in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS (AUD) (Please check your local currency converter for exact prices in your country).

YOU WILL BE REDIRECTED TO THE PAYPAL WEBSITE: PayPal accepts Credit and Debit cards. 

Readings and distance healings will be providing either by EMAIL, FACEBOOK, SKYPE, FACETIME, (Phone readings may be charged slightly higher rate).

Depending on the level of demand for readings, please allow up to 7 days for your reading to be emailed to you.  Readings times may vary depending on time of year and level of demand.

With the use of Oracle and Tarot cards as divination tools the following tarot spreads are available for readings:

For everyday spreads used for ANY QUESTIONS, OR TOPIC:

  • What’s going on today’s Spread? (3 x Cards)
  • My Priorities Spread (5 x Cards)
  • My Secrets Spread (7 x Cards)
  • Pros and Cons Spread (3 x Cards)
  • Celtic Cross Spread (10 x Cards)

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For LOVE and for matters of the HEART – includes spreads of the dynamics of your relationship, how you see you and your partner, feelings and resolutions; and how to sort things out between you and a love interest. 

  • Relationship Dynamic Spread (7 x Cards)
  • How we see each other Spread (6 x cards)
  • Feelings & Resolutions Spread (10 X cards)
  • How to sort it out Spread (6 x Cards)

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For you own SPRITUAL DEVELOPMENT and to know yourself on a DEEPER SUBSCONCIOUS LEVEL, these spreads help you gain further understanding of your HIGHER SELF:

  • Revelations Spread (5 x Cards)
  • Divination Spread (8 x Cards)
  • The Labyrinth Path – one direction (4 x Cards) two directions (8 x Cards,) three directions (12 x Cards)  all four directions (16 x Cards)
  • The Mystic Seven Spread (7 x Cards) 
    The spread encourages you to go deeper into the world of the Tarot and connect to the Universal Energy within you. It is based on the Celtic Cross Spread & Numerology. The different archetypes found in Numerology, will help develop positive aspects for the client to understand about themselves.
  • MANDALA SPREAD (22 x Cards)
    Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning “circle” and it usually a circular design symbolizing the cosmos. The Mandala is a powerful meditational and creative tool for being at one with the Universe. It helps to find a better understanding of yourself, your current circumstances and your personal quest for the future.

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For Spiritual Healing Spreads using either Oracle or Tarot Cards: 

    Using tarot or crystal cards to help unblock any imbalances with energy healing. (10 x Cards)
  • Past Life Tarot Spread: (8 x Cards)
    The Past Life Tarot spread is to assist you in learning more about your past life. This can help release and surrender any blockages, or patterns (either positive or negative) to gain a better understanding how it influences and correlates in your current (present) life.
  • Shaman Healing Spread: (3 x Cards)
    This spread is ideal for anyone seeking embarking on all forms of healing on all aspects of oneself. A very powerful spread, this will bring forth any hidden self-awareness or healing issues that can be found within the unconscious – or what is either known as the ego or shadow.
  • Holistic Healing Spread: (4 x Cards) 
    This spread is used to provide insights into what you need to know on how to move forward, heal and be aware on a conscious level of your life:
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Other tarot and oracle readings available:

  • Goddess Spread: (3 x Cards)
  • Archangels and Angel Spread: (3 x Cards)
  • Saints Spread: (3 x Cards)
  • The Full Moon Spread (7 x Cards)
    This Full Moon Spread is to help identify what actions you need to take in order to manifest the intentions you set during the New Moon. It will also help identify what is blocking your path and what is blocking your party and what you can do to overcome those blockages.
  • Pendulum Readings:  ($10.00) 
    A pendulum is simply a small weighted object usually attached and hanging from string or wire. A pendulum is a Divination tool used to answer a question for a client. Mostly, this tool is used mostly for YES/NO questions but it can also been used for energy readings, energy healings, and for confirming other psychic information. Answers are confirmed from a ‘swing’ from the direction of a pendulum.
    (If you are interested in a PENDULUM READING  please CONTACT US) 
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Astrology and Moonology Reports;
Astrology reports  help you gain a further understanding of yourself on a spiritual level using your astrology birth natal as well as your sun, moon and rising signs. Moonology reports help you focus on what you wish to focus on while working on and with, the energy of the Moon phrases. it is a very powerful and reflective tool to help you focus on your goals and manifestations.

Distance Reiki and Crystal Healings: 
Using Reiki as a the Universal Life Force energy that connect us all to everything, and Crystals that are connected to the Earth – both these powerful yet diverse elements have the ability to raise your vibration and to create deep relaxation and harmony with your mind, body and soul. Please keep in mind, that this energy healing is only for spiritual healing  and does not replace any form of medical, health or pregnancy advice or diagnoses. if you are seeking any form of medical attention – please seek the consultancy and advice from a LICENCED MEDICAL  PROFESSIONAL.