Card for today –  THE SUN: ARCHANGEL URIEL

Happy outcome! Brilliant new ideas that lead to success. Have confidence in yourself!”

“Here comes the Sun!” as George Harrison famously sung, and it is true – this card is a turning point to whatever may be bothering you, and this is now past you. There’s truly success and happiness within you and around you. It is time to celebrate!!

Archangel Uriel is the Angel of mental clarity and helps you to gain that mental focus and concentration on what is truly important on your life. You may experience a new lease on your life in terms of gaining new ideas, new alternatives on how you see the world, and how you view your own life.

Once again, you may also have recently experience feelings of loss, feelings of regret, feelings of failure, or feelings of guilt. Now, the reason why I’m bring this up this particular topic is not to make you feel bad – quite the opposite; rather to help you REALISE the need to RELEASE IT. You are NOT A FAILURE…..YOU ARE A SUCCESS!!!

As human beings, we are NOT meant to be perfect, we are here to learn, to grow, and to make mistakes. We are here for a DIVINE REASON. We are here to encounter all that is of human life all the good, bad, unsure, beautiful and unpleasant experiences.

But the Sun always rises, every single day. There is always a new beginning – and this card is a reminder that you rise from the ashes like the Phoenix – with the hope, love, peace, thankfulness and gratitude to bring joy to this world, both of your own personal world and to the greater world around each and everyone of us.

Have confidence with what you are doing….and where you are going. Listen to your spiritual team who are right beside you….leading to you to where you need to be.

In Spiritual Truth, we are PERFECT in the eyes of the UNIVERSE.

With love and blessings,

Libby xoxo

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Oracle for Today: WHAT DO YOU DESIRE?

Oracle for Today:


(Courtesy of the Daily Guidance from your Angels by Doreen Virtue)

“You now have the opportunity to write the script according to your heart’s true desires. Once you clearly desire upon your true desires and know that you’re ready and deserving of them, they’ll rush into your life as if by magic.”

Since it is the start of a brand new month, November 1s or the first day of the eleventh month, (1/11) brings about new beginnings, new opportunities and new perspectives into your world. Have no fear or worry – fear is gone, and all that is left is pure love. Find within your heart what you are seeking – whether it is finding a new relationship and a new partner, a new career path or a change in your career, finding your self-confidence, finding your inner strength, connecting to your family and friends, or even making better health choices. Whatever you are seeking, know that it comes from your heart, your soul, from your unconscious being.

This day is also a day to commemorate All Saint’s Day. (All Hallow’s Day) It is a day to celebrate all saints whether they are known or unknown. These virtuous and inspirational people walk beside you – offering you support guidance and friendship. Don’t be afraid to ask for spiritual guidance from these wise individuals. Like Angels, they don’t wish to be worshipped, but they are indeed an extension of the Divine’s love for each of us.

Beloved one, you were truly given wings to fly….Soar like an eagle!

Libby xoxo

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Angel or Tarot Card Reading

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Angel Numerology: 189

Angel Numerology: 189

Trust that you will be fully financially supported as you devote your time and energy to your Divine life purpose (which consists of spiritual topics that you feel passionate about).

Know that all is well!

Libby x

Divine Angel




Angel Numerology: 179

Angel Numerology: 179

You’re on the right path for your Divine life purpose. Continue with your visualizations and expect a happy outcome, as your expectations are determining your future.

Much love and light to you!

Libby x

B&W Angel




Angel Numerology: 169

Angel Numerology: 169

The intuitive push to work on your Divine life mission is real. Visualize and affirm often: I am happily fulfilling my Divine life mission now, to make it a reality.

If you believe it, you can achieve it! Dream big!! 😀

Libby x

Purple Wings




Angel Numerology: 159

Angel Numerology: 159

This is a perfect time to begin work on an aspect of your Divine life purpose. Choose the first action step that comes to mind, related to your spiritual interests.

Have faith in all that you do!!

Libby xo

Water Angel




Angel Numerology: 149

Angel Numerology: 149

Rest easy about your Divinely guided career, as the angels are giving you a wealth of information and ideas. Just trust and follow these ideas and everything else will take care of itself.

Angel blessings to you! <3

Libby x