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Crystal of the Week: EMERALD – COMPASSION

Crystal of the Week: EMERALD – COMPASSION

(Courtesy of Crystal Reading Cards – The Healing Circle by Rachelle Charman)

For the week commencing: April 16th, 2018 – April 22nd, 2018

Crystal Colour: Opaque to translucent greens
Related Chakras:

The Emerald Green Crystal is a symbol of youth, beauty, love, and is a divine connection that stirs the soul to the heart of spring, symbolizes hope, peace, prosperity, renewal, growth and hope for the future.

Emerald has been a fascinating gemstone for centuries in many different cultures around the world in ancient times. as it has been used as a breastplate for both Kings and Queens, it has been sold in the markets of Babylon as early as 4,000 B.C. It was also a stone worshipped by the Incas, believed by the Chaldeans to contain a goddess, and was very much highly regarded by all major religions for its spiritual power and beauty. Emerald was considered a symbol of eternal life in ancient Egypt, a gift from the Egyptian God Thoth – the God of wisdom.

Emerald has been consider to be a stone of wisdom, a revealer of truth and knowledge, and to open up one’s intuition. The Emerald crystal also provides opening to Universal love and compassion to yourself, to the Universe and to other people.

This beautiful translucent green crystal is a constant source of inspiration of infinite patience to yourself – to find balance, harmony and understanding with your own emotional and mental clarity. It will help you find the right decisions and answers that are right for you. Emerald also promotes bliss, understanding between friends, balance and understanding between partners – and is particularly known to provide domestic bliss, contentment, loyalty and to soothe communication.

This Emerald Crystal was dedicated in the ancient world to the Roman goddess, Venus, (or the Greek counterpart – Aphrodite; both of these goddess irrespective of their mythologies were goddesses of love.) for its ability to insure the security in love – and as we all know – the many different forms of love.

As I have previously spoken about, the essence of compassion is to “co-suffer” or “suffer with” as it is translated in Latin. While we can’t change our past towards love, (and remember there are many different forms of love – platonic, family relations, friendships, romantic relationships, etc) We can make amends towards finding understanding within ourselves.

What I mean by this is to see ourselves through Divine love. There is no judgement, no bullying, no put downs. Just Divine love and unconditional love. Once again it isn’t about blaming others, blaming situations or issues, or more importantly blaming ourselves.

This is truly about moving forward, this is about seeking to find out what you really want and need in this point in time. The past has been a valued resource, but it doesn’t define us.

As we have just encounter a New Moon in Aries, we owe ourselves for this spiritual checkup. The Emerald Green crystal will help us all to open up to Divine love and light.

A New dawn has come. Rather than running away from it, it’s time to make important decisions towards your future. Use the Emerald Green Crystal to seek your own inner truth, as it reveal your own hidden truths within you.

Because when it all comes down to, is love. All you need is LOVE. 

So in brief:

  • Promotes divine love and compassion
  • Assists in staying connected with the wisdom of the heart
  • Deeply connects the heart chakra and assists in creating intimacy.
  • Assists in letting go of old connections and superficial relationships

With love, and crystal blessings,

Libby xo


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Crystal of the Week: HEMATITE

Crystal for this Week: HEMATITE

(Courtesy of the Crystal Reading Cards – The Healing Oracle by Rachelle Charman)
February 26 – March 5, 2018

Crystal Colour: Translucent to opaque
Related Chakras: Base Chakra

Deep into the centre of our Earth is the creation of Hematite formed in the geometry of dodechedron (three-dimenisional shape with 12 plane faces) brings you a connection to the ever wonders of Mother Gaia. This mystic and ancient crystal helps you to find the foundations and roots of our beautiful planet and sense of being.

The crystal medicine of the Hematite will help you to detoxify on all levels to clear, and ground your being of your mind, body and spirit. It is the most powerful grounding crystal on the planet, and it has been born out of Mother Earth.

Why do we need to be grounded or to find time to get grounded? The answer is simple – in our daily lives we seem to inhabit many energies, emotions, feelings, thoughts and actions of ourselves and of others. While this isn’t a bad thing, we need to clear away, detoxify what it no longer of importance to us.

Grounding can also help you find the solutions and answers that you are learning and yearning for. We have been given life in order to learn and grow. You may not understand the question until you have spent some time in solitude, in stillness, in peace with your heart. All is undoubtedly will be revealed to you in due course. And yes, there are no silly questions in life.

Grounding your mind, body and spirit can also help you gather a better understanding of what you need right now. Is it that you need to be with those you love? Do you crave companionship? Or are you craving solitude? Are you seeking to find inner peace? Or wanting to help others find inner peace? For other people it will be different. The important thing to remember is to LISTEN to your own needs and wants FIRST, before caring for others.

Pay close attention to your dreams – as there will be Divine messages in your dreams that will help you find peace, tranquility, and love towards finding the stillness of your mind, body and spirit.

So in brief:

  • Purifies and cleanses
  • Cleanses the blood and assisting in healing blood disorders
  • Grounds and connects to the centre of the Earth, enhances in manifesting skills
  • Encourages gentle healing after shock or trauma

Have a safe and grounding week!

Love Libby xox

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Crystal of the Week: STIBNITE – CONFLICT

Crystal for the week: STIBNITE – CONFLICT

(Courtesy of the Crystal Reading Cards by Rachelle Charman)

February 19th – February 26th, 2018

Crystal Colour:

Related Chakras associated with this Crystal: Base, solar plexus and Crown

While this crystal can be seen as sharp and prickly, it is used to assisting you in your personal transformation as one with the Universe. We all come across conflict in our lives both internally and externally as human beings, it is how we best cope with conflict which is important.

When connecting to and receiving this very powerful crystal, you will find peace, strength, courage and comfort in knowing whatever situation you may be dealing with at this point in time, that you can cope with it, with the wisdom and grace of the Universe, and move through this situation with find a place of peace and understanding.

You feel grounded and strengthened with all that you have experienced, and finding comforted that you can handled anything that will come your way. Don’t allow fear or worry to enter your atmosphere of thought, but rather acknowledge it and send love and healing to it. Anything can be healed through intention and therefore transformation can be born.

Always remember that you are accountable for your own actions, thoughts, or words; however, you can’t be accountable for what others do to you. Nevertheless, send back love, light and healing to others who don’t understand you, or who fail to realise how truly incredible you are. It is truly their loss. Know that you can keep on shining with love, light, and wisdom with the many guides of light and love of the Universe.

So in brief……

  • Support your personal empowerment and transformation
  • Grounds your energy in the Earth so you feel supported
  • Assists in you dealing with fear of conflict and confrontation
  • Supports you to create healthy boundaries
  • Supports those who suffer from chronic anxiety
  • Enhances and supports the astral travel journey
  • Assists in dissolving apprehension and uncertainty

With love and crystal blessings,

Libby xo












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Crystal Card of the Week: DIVINE TEMPLE

Crystal Card of the Week: DIVINE TEMPLE

Crystal Card for the Week: DIVINE TEMPLE – SOURCE
(February 12th – February 18th, 2018)

This crystal is a MASTER TEACHER CARD meaning, that it invokes healing and powerful learning curves for all that seek its crystal wisdom and knowledge.

As many of you I’m sure have experienced recently, in big or small ways friction or tension among friends or family members. Perhaps there has been misunderstandings, miscommunications, jealously, fighting, or some kind or in differences.

Now, this card is encouraging ALL OF US to seek to come back to SOURCE. SOURCE can be seen as God, the Divine, Higher Power, Divine Intervention, Allah, Adonai, and Yahweh, (well, there’s many names of Source – you’re welcome to name SOURCE, however you feel best comfortable). We are all encouraged to seek a understanding of why we are behaving this way.

There is truth that the Solar Eclipse which is occurring on Thursday February 15, 2018 at 27° Aquarius in the Tropical Zodiac; is leading us to transformation as the major focus will be on ideas and communications as well as other topics on focus will be health, love, relationships and friendships.

However, on a individual level, we seem to be still coming into clashes at times with other people. Everyone is truly entitled to their opinion, and thought, but every person need to consider their own actions of thought and or words. Yes, words have energy, but we are also not made of glass. We can still speak of truth, which is why we have such a strong connection to Source energy.

The Divine Temple can help us to seek the truth into why our behavior may be getting the best of us. This includes EVERYONE. We ALL MAKE MISTAKES. NO ONE IS PERFECT. One needs to acknowledge their behavior to move forward.

Do we intercommunicate or have misunderstandings with other because of we are jealous? Or because we are in pain? Or because we are envious? We have are own fears, or worries? These are the types of truth seeking questions to ask Source.

The Divine Temple Crystal will help you find inner peace and clarity, deepening your wisdom of the Universe, finding the love and understanding of your inner self. So you may find more clarity in these questions that you are seeking.

Reflection or meditation is truly a soul-seeking journey. Whatever comes to you, will truly be an answer from Source. While it’s important to speak the truth, it’s another lesson to HEAR the truth. So, I want to reassure each and everyone of you, when you are ready, this is when you are ready to HEAR what source has to tell you. Source really speak the truth to your Soul.

So in brief:

The Divine Temple Crystal is…

  • Connect, attune, and align with the Akashic Records (to have a clearer understanding of self
  • Connecting to the love and the wisdom the Universe
  • Group bonding and connection with others
  • Reaching deep states of meditation
  • Acts as a divine temple and direct connection to higher realms
  • Relates to ALL CHAKRAS
  • Crystal colors are Smoky & clear quartz, and sometimes amethyst.

With love, light and Divine Blessings,

Libby xoxo


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Crystal for this week: CITRINE – ABUNDANCE (January 15 – January 21, 2018)

Crystal for this week: CITRINE – ABUNDANCE
(January 15 – January 21, 2018)

Citirine is a crystal that appears usually as yellows or golds. This particular crystal is associated with the solar plexus chakra also known as the naval chakra or Manipura in Sanskrit. The Solar Plexus which is to do with personal power, determination, drive, willpower, and hence in yoga practice, radiates positive energy to balance the lower chakras .

Citrine is a one of the many crystal that helps keeps the solar plexus in check and balanced. You are deserving of this crystal as it helps radiates joy and abundance into your life! This powerful and healing crystal also helps to be open to a deeper connection and understanding of the Cosmos. You are very blessed and worthy to receive this.

Breath in deeply this golden and empowering positive energy into your being….into every cell, be grateful for this moment and embrace for all that you have, and allow all forms of abundance – whatever they shall be come to you with love, light and blessings.

Remember that abundance can mean many things to many different people. It doesn’t necessarily need to be money, but it could be. It could be resources, time, opportunities, people, or even just allowing that personal power, within you to shine though!!

Prosperity can come to you in many shapes and forms….just be thankful with a grateful heart and be open to what it is ahead for you.

It’s time to release any form of negative and embrace the joy of being, the joy of the here and now….and the joy of the precious gifts of what life has to offer each and every one of us.

So in brief:

  • Purification crystal on all levels
  • Assisting in the manifestation of wealth and abundance
  • Shifts old patterns of negativity
  • Brings in joy and the magic of life!

With love, light, and crystal blessings to you all!

Libby xoxox

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Crystal for this week: January 8th to January 12th, 2018!

Crystal for this week: January 8th to January 12th, 2018! 

I had asked for some Divine guidance for some crystal healing, and I was guided to use the Crystal Reading Cards – The Healing Oracle Rachelle Charman.

The Crystal for this week to help you cleanse away, fear, worry, anxiety and to allow healing on many levels, as you may recently have been experiencing feeling run down, feeling toxic, negative or lower energies, or just simply need to cleanse and purify a particular area in your life that needs your attention.

If your mind has recently been filled with many thoughts, emotions or perhaps you may been just being feeling unproductive for other reasons. Now is the perfect time to allow a cleansing for the body, mind and soul. Purifying one’s mind, body and soul is something that is essentially to everyday life. It’s like brushing your teeth, combing your hair or even having a cup of coffee. It is something that keeps you calm and centre.

If you have a clear quartz crystal at home, (even if you don’t, please look at this crystal quartz picture) take some time to look at it and take some deep breathes. Set an intention to clear away any form of negativity with the help of your spiritual team. Call upon your guides and Angels, in particular Archangel Michael who, with his sword and shield cut any etheric cords, and with the help of beloved Archangel Raphael, can provide any necessary healing during the purification of the mind, body and soul.

Once again, even if you don’t have this particular crystal at home, please feel free to set your intention of light, love and healing by looking at this photo below. Remember to take your time, and take some deep breathes to relax you before proceeding, and then write down your intentions to release them to your spiritual team and the Universe. So in brief, the Clear Quartz Crystal….

  • Amplifies, stores, transmutes, transcends and retains energy
  • Moves light and energy into and out of the body as it clears and cleanses the energy field
  • Enhances and amplifies intentions
  • Amplifies and deepens the love and wisdom from the Universe
  • Allows a deep sense of clarity in your life

With love, light and crystal blessings to you all,

Libby xoxox

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Prayer to Archangel Raphael for Pain Management

Prayer to Archangel Raphael for Pain Management

Hi beautiful souls,

Here is a prayer to ask for beloved Archangel Raphael for any form of pain relief and management. I’ve also added some crystals for pain relief and management as well for those who are interested.

Please keep in mind that prayer is very powerful – no debate about this. Crystal healing therapy does not replace any medical advice or diagnosis. If you are feeling unwell, please seek professional health and medical advice from a medical physician.

“Archangel Raphael, thank you for making me feel good and comfortable within my body. Help me to eliminate any form of pain within my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.”

The crystals that may help to relieve pain or discomfort are:

This crystal is associated with the crown and brow (3rd eye chakra). It helps to reduce stress, anxiety, anger and fear. Also helps to prevents headaches, insomnia,

Amethyst Crystal
Amethyst Crystal

and nightmares. A natural tranquilizer, it helps promotes calmness in your physical, mental and emotional health.


Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz:
Known as the ‘master’ healer’ clear quartz can be used to clear blockages stimulate the immune system, aid concentration, enhance memory, deep meditative states, and brings the body into balance.

Smokey Quartz:
This powerful and anchoring stone reduces anxiety, and negative emotions, balances and restores the body’s energy after a period of illness or depression. The Smokey Quartz can also be used to draw off emotional pain or physical pain, especially in the abdomen,  hips and legs.

Smokey Quartz
Smokey Quartz

Sending lots of love and Angel blessings!

Love Libby xoxo

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Back to Work Crystals

Back to Work Crystals

Image result for back to work images funny

Since I have just come back from a wonderful holiday, I decided to include some calming and relaxing crystals for when you need to return to work. We all have that feeling of uncertainty or unpleasantness when Monday morning comes around!

Please keep in mind that crystal healing therapy does not replace any medical advice or diagnosis. If you are feeling unwell, please seek professional health and medical advice from a medical physician. 

This crystal is associated with the crown and brow (3rd eye chakra). Helps to reduce stress, anxiety,  anger and fear. Also prevents headaches, insomnia and nightmares. A natural tranquilizer, it helps promote calmness in your physical, mental and emotional health.

Image result for amethyst crystal

This crystal is associated with the sacred and root (base) chakras. A very grounding crystal which helps you increase your metabolism, maintain vitality, and helps in the increase of life-force energy in your body. This crystal can be used to overcome fatigue and depression, but can also help boost your confidence and creativity in the workplace.

Image result for carnelian crystal

This crystal is associated with the solar plexus chakra. A natural cleansing and healing crystal, it absorbs any negative emotions and helps prevent anxiety, depression and other forms of emotional distress. It promotes cheerfulness, warmness and strengths your self-belief.

Image result for amber crystals

This crystal is associated with the heart chakra. This beautiful crystal heightens perception and stabilizes the mind. It stimulates optimism and creativity helping you realising the many different options and opportunities  available to you!! When placed over the heart chakra, it helps you have compassion and empathy towards yourself and others. Aventurine also helps in spiritual growth and helps one realise the essence of being a service to others.

Image result for aventurine crystals

This crystal is associated with the crown, brow (3rd eye) and throat chakras. This crystal is a wonderful meditation stone. It enhances your state of awareness and reality, help promotes and encourages feelings of peace and unity. Celestite also enhances creative and artistic expression, and peaceful negotiation. This crystal is essential for any workplace!

Image result for celestite crystal

Much love and Crystal Blessings,

Libby xo

P.S. Crystals come in a variety of sizes, shapes and pendants. It’s all about personal preference.

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Crystal Connections: Crystals for Protection

Crystal for Protection

These crystals are for general protection against any form of negativity or lower forms of energy.  While crystal healing therapy is very beneficial to your health and wellbeing, I am not a doctor or health care professional. If you or someone you know is concerned about their health – please go see your doctor as soon as possible.

With love and crystal blessings,



  • Very powerful grounding crystal & protective crystal.
  • This crystal is associated with the base or root chakra
  • Strengths and protects the aura
  • Dissolves any stuck or dormant energies in the auric or as well as the physical body
  • Helps & assists in setting appropriate boundaries in your life


  • Encourages you to listen to your heart.
  • Deepens clarity and knowing your true feelings & how to express them from a place of love
  • Opens one to feel, experience & express their own truth.
  • Promotes honesty & integrity in your life.
  • Opens the heart chakra to help you to speak from a deep place of clarity & truth.
  • Enhances self-expression.


  • This crystal is associated with the base/root & sacral chakras.
  • Assists in entering the void to realise our true sense of self, our true identity, gaining knowledge & power
  • Assists in disowning aspects of self
  • Stimulates & awakens the Kundalini
  • Helps to clear & dissolve energetic residue within the head – clearing headaches.


  • This crystal is also associated with the base or root chakra
  • Powerful cleanser of negative energy
  • Draws to the surface any unresolved issues for release and healing
  • Dissolves destructive patterns
  • Let’s old traits and habits surface – allowing love and acceptance of one self to occur
  • Allowing transmutation of energy from negative to change into positive

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Energy Reading for this Week!

Hello beautiful souls,

Here is your Weekly Oracle Card Reading and BIG welcome to Blessings By Libby!! ****THIS WAS A LIVE STREAM ON FACEBOOK!*****

If you wish to get a personal readings please go to my Facebook page:
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Thank you for viewing my channel!

Much love, and Angel blessings!


P.S. I do apologize the video ended abruptly. But I hope everyone enjoy the energy Reading. Much love and light 💖