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The New Moon will occur on January 16th, 2018 at 26 degrees at Capricorn. This would be the last moon phrase before we will experience a new range of eclipses. This great influence in terms of astrology on the New Moon January 2018 as it creates a rush for all of us in one way or another to finish long-term projects we have begun 5 months ago. If your goals involve love or money you will be very happy. This New Mon aligns nicely with Venus, the planet of beauty, love, and harmony.

This New Moon in January 2018 does however, make a hard aspect to Uranus (which is a planet of rebellion!) which will bring unexpected change an uncertainty. Nevertheless, a better aspect to this, is the strong and sexy Mars, (the action and Masculine planet!) comes to the rescue to resolve any crisis and ignite the flames of love.

New Moon Meaning

Once again kids, the New Moon represents an ending of one cycle and the beginning of another new 28 day cycle. When the Sun conjuncts (is in alignment) with the Moon gives an invigorating burst of energy and initiative. With every New Moon is an excellent time for making a fresh start and turning over a new leaf or starting a new project. It is also a great time to question and review old habits, behaviours and beliefs as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress. We each individual have our own unique belief system!!

The effects of the January 16 New Moon will last for four weeks to the February 15 solar eclipse. The best time to make a fresh start and for beginning new projects is during the first two seek of this New Moon Cycle. The Waxing Phrase of the Moon will last from January 16 to the January 31 lunar eclipse (the Blue Moon!!)

New Moon January 2018 Astrology

The January 16 New Moon at 26°54′ Capricorn aligns with a planet, a star and asteroid. These conjunctions give the main themes of the New Moon and other aspects will develop further for this planetary energies.

The new moon conjunct Venus at 28°46′ Capricorn will focus on your attention on love, money and beauty. There will be an increased desire for pleasure, comfort and ease is best satisfied with loved ones around so spending time with your partner and family is likely. This is very sociable new moon which favours romance, marriage, friendships, but also business partnerships and other social interactions.

If you are lacking romance, sex or affection within your life; this new moon is perfect to make a fresh start in this direction. If loneliness has been a long-term problem the first term is to learn to love yourself, to be kind to yourself and to improve your self-image. Aside from relationships or romance; A Venus new moon is good for creativity and the arts, shopping for fashion, cosmetics and luxuries as well as for decorating.

New Moon in conjunct with asteroid Hestia at 28°17′ Capricorn means the focus on Venus love and harmony will be very close to home. Hestia is a Greek word meaning “hearth,” or “fireplace” In Ancient Greek mythology, Hestia is a virgin goddess is hearth and domestic order. This is a new moon for renewing your love for your home, and family, sharing laugher over a cooked meal.

New Moon conjunct Fixed star Terebullum at 26°54′ Capricorn gives a fortune but with regret and disgrace, cunning a mercenary and repulsiveness.

Altogether with this New Moon with Venus, asteroid Hestia and the star Terebullum is a good omen for starting a new love relationship and for renewing your love for your partner and family. Like Venus, the asteroid Hestia has a passive, non-confrontation nature so peace and harmony will new and old flourish. With the flame of Hestia and the love of Venus creates more doors of love!!!

With this very fortunate star in to this mix, it does however, bring regrets and unpleasantness. This is because of the challenging aspects of Uranus at this point of time.

Other interesting New Moon Aspects briefly is that stable love relationships can go through unexpected urges or events. There may be an increased need for freedom and excitement may test your patience (or your partner’s patience) If you do feel smothered, confined or bored you may lash out in anger that would cause regret and disgrace due to the Fixed star Terebullum. However, healthy relationships should not face major dramas, especially if you do have an open-minded partner.

In regards to those of you beautiful people whom are dating or planning to date you will find yourself attracted to excited or eccentric people – those who seem like a risk or who are from a different culture, ethnic or religious background. New romance is possible but getting over the exciting honeymoon phrase will need extra effort.

With any New Moon phrase, don’t act too impulsively. Think things through before adding fuel to the fire, so to speak. If you are unsure about your choices or decisions – take some time to think about your options before making your final decision.

You will also feel more confident, sexy, passionate, loving and ready for socialising. Be ready to bring harmony into your life as well as being prepared to bring harmony also into your life. Be ready to attract someone (if you are seeking a romantic partner) someone who is playful, sexy, intelligent and courageous as you are!

In conclusion, enjoy this New Moon – it will be suave and balance or impulsive or ready for action. However you spend it – embrace it, kids! Most importantly…..just be you!!!

New Moon January 2018 Times and Dates

Los Angeles January 17 – 06:17 pm
New York January 16 – 09:17 pm
London January 17 – 02:17 am
New Delhi January 17 – 07:47 am
Sydney January 17 – 01:17 pm

New Moon Blessings to you all,

Libby xoxo

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Get Ready for this Super Moon! Full Moon for December 3rd 2017!!

Gemini Feature Image

Super Moon in Gemini – December Full Moon

Get Ready for the Super Moon! This December Full Moon is also known as the Cold Moon, The Long Night’s Moon, or The Oak’s Moon.

The Super Moon is definitely unique – as it is orbiting closer to Earth. It will be appearing about 10% bigger than a usual. With this event, it will enhance the given opportunity for a deeper releases, on many levels. Illumination, insights and gaining clarity with be reveal in both subtle and unsubtle ways. Things may be cracked open unexpectedly!

You may have noticed the many energy shifts recently and this is due to not only as we are coming to the end of 2017, but also because of this Super Moon.

Be more mindful of your emotions & actions

Since the Full Moon in 11° Gemini hence is strongly influenced by planet Neptune. The full moon square Neptune at only 0°10′ orb means Neptune will be at its most sinister. You may more sensitive or emotional than usual. Lies and deception, loss and disappointment, theft, illness and scandal are possibilities during the next two weeks of the moon phrase until the New Moon on December 18th, 2017.

During this phrase, when the Moon squares Neptune, you notice strange feelings or experiences that may lead to question reality. Chances are that you are not perceiving these things correctly. Don’t make important decisions based on first impressions. You could be deluding yourself or being deceived by other people. It’s important not to give your power away – just be cautious or aware; as this is a very vulnerable time for everyone. Deceitful people can easily recognize any form of vulnerability or confusion of others which means that more than likely, you will end of getting hurt.


While it is completely your decision (and a personal decision) to get any form of spiritual guidance or psychic reading) please remember to also follow your own inner guidance of your heart and soul. Remember that they may be some people who might take advantage of you, but there’s also a number of good and kind people out there in the world; who are very gifted in the esoteric arts. Kindness and compassion during times of uncertainly can help you become more intuitive and empathic.

The Full Moon is Excellent for CREATIVITY

The Full Moon may have you buzzing around with new ideas, new projects or overall getting ready for a bursting 2018. The attributes of Gemini are intellect, creativity, ingenuity, and communication. So if you have new idea, or new project in mind – go write it down! Let your creativity soar! It’s also a wonderful time to manifest your dreams, ambitions, goals or anything else that you wish to accomplish. Keeping mind with manifestation – that it might not happen straight away as you would like it (The Universe as it’s only calendar and agenda!) but miraculous things can occur for you in the most surprising and unexpected ways. Nevertheless, uses this beautiful energy to experience and expand your mind, body and soul to the best of your abilities.

Release and Surrender:

As you know with every Full Moon – it is a time to release, to reflect and to surrender to what no longer serves you. With the Super Moon as previously mentioned – you may experience a heighten sense of emotion and sensitivity towards yourself and towards other people. Now, is the time for even more necessary releases. Let go of what needs to be let go – you know in your heart what you need to do in regards to this. You can’t change the past (although for all of us we may want to) however, you can LEARN FROM THE PAST.

You may also feel the need to let any necessary emotion or feelings out. Cry, yell or scream or get angry (but I must stress to do this in safe environment – particularly at home) this not only helps to release any built-up emotions (anger, sadness, resentment, or fear) but it helps to release and surrender to things both consciously or unconsciously within your being.

Breathe. Meditate. Reflect back on the lessons and mistakes (or life experiences as I prefer to call it!) of 2017. Remember to be grateful and thankful to the year that was.


Orange calcite helps stimulate creativity.
Dalmatian stone helps calm anxious or frazzled nerves.
Aragonite helps us clear blocks and brings patience. It can help with trust, seeing the truth, and aids with understanding.
Celestine connects us with the spirit realm, helping us see a greater picture and access messages.
Optic calcite or any clear quartz helps us see scenarios more clearly, and brings a blank slate quality to one’s energy.

Next Moon Phrase: New Moon – December 18th 2017

Los Angeles: December 3 – 7:47 am
New York: December 3 – 10:47 am
London: December 3 – 3:47 pm
New Delhi: December 3 – 9:17 pm
Sydney: December 4 – 1:47 pm

Have a safe, blessed and happy Super Moon! Make the most of the creativity opportunities!

Love Libby x