Card of the Day: SERENDIPITY

Card of the Day: SERENDIPITY

(Courtesy of the Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards by Colette Baron-Reid) 

serendipity card

“Opportunities will be knocking on your door!”

Essential meanings: Opportunity allied with readiness; the awareness of synchronicity; luck and good fortune appearing as sign and symbols; a magical alignment of events.

The Oracle’s Message: You’re stepped into alignment with the greatest good , where your dreams and the collective dream resonate with exquisite harmony. Now is the time for luck and preparation to create miracles that you could never have planned yourself.  Keep in mind that you are providence right now,  as a higher energy  use you as a force on behalf of the whole world. Your fortune becomes everyone’s fortune. Everything you bring into being will now will bring a wondrous legacy for others in the future. Your service to the world is being  supported at this time. Expect the unexpected. And smile, for Spirit loves you so much!

 Everyone happens for a reason when you embrace all that life as to offer you!  You are a star, so just keep on shining, brightly!

Much love and light!

Love Libby xoxox

Card of the Day: CALLING YOUR SOULMATE (For Tuesday)

Card of the Day: CALLING YOUR SOULMATE (For Tuesday) 

Caling your Soulmate

“Your prayers, affirmations,  and visualizations help bring you together.” 

Now, don’t be confused about this…..there is a real difference between a soulmate and a twinflame. (which I will try and explain briefly!)

Soulmates are unique souls who have separate energy from you  who are here to teach you a lesson in your present life. They are here to challenge you on a higher conscious – awakening your spiritual being to be the best version of you! But Soulmates can be your family members such as your parents, siblings, your neighbours, your best friend or even your dog! Keep in mind that not all soulmate relationships work out. 

Twinflames are souls who unique energies has been develop with you over many  previous lifetimes. This energy, has been transformed dramatically, all though unconditional love and understanding. Again, twinflames do help you achieve a high level of consciousness – even on further spiritual realms of ascension! However, not everyone has a twinflame in their current life. 

So back to Tuesday’s card…..

For the majority of you, I sense that everyone has been wanting love or friendship for a considerable amount of time. Please don’t worry, you will find the person you are seeking. For some of you – this is definitely feel like a love relationship, and since we are heading  towards the Spring Equinox which will take place around March 23, 2017. It is all about new beginnings and fresh starts.

In regards to friendship, there is no reason why you can’t rekindle with old friends or even make new friends as well. Since with this new energy of the Spring Equinox – which is happening worldwide, positive energy is changing for the better. So please don’t give up on socializing and renewing  your soul!

There are many different forms of love out there, and you are always loved by the Divine and your spiritual team. You are LOVED, FOREVERMORE. 

Love Libby xoxo

Card of the Day: PLAY

Card of the Day: PLAY

(Courtesy of the Daily Guidance from your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue)


“Time to bring out your inner child!”

As much as we love to work, or because it is necessarily required to provide for ourselves and our families – this card has a simple message. You don’t need to work all the time: have some fun!! 

Perhaps you have been experiencing times of fatigue irritability, or depression or all signs that you are long overdue for a time-out for some well-deserve relaxation and fun.

You don’t necessarily need to wait until you have a free moment in your life – you can just take a few minutes of your day to have some fun. Take some simple pleasure in a relaxing bath, or spending time with your children. Even going on a walk, or watching a funny movie.

For others of you, you will find a lot of benefits in meditation – even for five minutes a day will make all the difference to your day to day life. For several minutes, you can leave all your worries, all the stress -behind.

I also feel for a number of you, you need to stop being so serious – and start to remember to be a kid again! It’s okay to be silly sometimes! Laugh, make jokes and have fun – that’s what life is about – enjoy every moment of it!

Additional meanings of this card: Stop what you are doing, and go have fun right now. Release any guilt about having fun to the Angels. You deserve happiness, pleasure, and enjoyment. Make sure that your recreational activities are purely fun and noncompetitive.

Sending lots of love and Angel blessings your way, my lovelies! <3 <3

Love Libby xoxox



(Courtesy of the ‘Every Dog Has its Day’ Positive Affirmations.” 


“Be Brave, take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” 

I was guided to use this deck of very cute cards to inspire you to keep on going with your dreams!

All pets, but particular dogs are curious about the world around them. They do take risks and they live in the present moment. Today’s message is about being like our beloved furry babies – just taking things all in their stride.

So why not use today without any judgement to take each and every moment like a dog? Not necessarily acting like a dog, but seeing the world full of unconditional love! Yes, dogs just love people, their owners and their owner’s world.

Dogs would do anything for their beloved owners, since they see their owner as the ‘pack leader”. So, dogs just enjoy being the presence of their owner or their owner’s family or friends.

A dog learns about their around them through experience, and it is the same for us humans as well. Whatever you are experience at this time, if you’re happy or sad, or lonely, your beloved dog, or cat or any animal wishing to cheer you up. They are always here for you.

Both of you are on this journey together and even if your beloved pet is no longer physically here with you,  they will be always with you in spirit walking beside you, leading you along your life purpose. You never walk alone.

I do see for many people their beloved pets and animals turn into guides to help them through both the grieving and their own spiritual progress. It is both bittersweet and comforting at this same time.

All beloved creatures of God’s creation go to Heaven so please don’t worry. You can always connect back to them. They would love to hear from you!

Lots of love to you and your furry babies!

Libby xoxo