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Card of the Day: HYDRATION

Card of the Day: HYDRATION

(Courtesy of the Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue) 

“Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for motiving and guiding me to drink more water so that my health, energy, and appetite stay at optimal levels throughout each day.” 

As human beings for our overall health and wellness, we are encouraged to stay hydrated and to drink water. Dehydration is the complete opposite of hydration which can cause a range of imbalances and lowers your energy levels. Depending on an individual’s age and personal health, it is ALWAYS advised to consult with your medical physician, and/or other specialists.

Hydration can also be applied to taking a much needed perspective towards your own understanding of selfcare. Have you been taking care of yourself as much as you possibly can? Have you been getting more or less sleep? Have you been eating a healthy, balanced diet? And have you considered to take some time out just for yourself?

Spiritual hydration or spiritual vacation is a term I have created as a way to help lightworkers (and granted we are ALL LIGHTWORKERS!) to take a much needed break from our work. It doesn’t mean that we don’t love our work anymore, nor do we hate it; but this time allows us time to ENERGIZE. 

Many people don’t realize that spiritual work is a lot of hard work. It is very draining – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We all need to energize ourselves in order to continue with the work that we love and that we want to do. It is indeed a service to help others, and again for a lot of spiritual people –  PAID SERVICES. 

As much as we would love to help the world, we would also love to earn a living to support ourselves. It is like any other job, it has it’s ups and downs.  It is like any other job, it has it’s ups and downs. However, I can’t speak for every single, spiritual being or lightworker, or one who has their own self-employed business, but for me, and my Divine purpose, (which is also happens to this wonderful job that I humbly appreciated!) is to enlighten… enlighten and enhance the quality of life of all individuals of this planet – to bring more love and light into being.

We all need time to rest and recuperated. Spiritual hydration is just as important as taking a glass of water anytime you need to, when you feel slightly lightheaded, or when you feel tired. How is this any different?

So take this time to hydrate your heart, your soul, and your mind. You are a courageous being with a lot of love and light to shine upon this world.

Additional Meanings of this card: Avoid dehydration substances such as salt, alcohol, caffeine, and dried fruit. Replace soda with water to keep your body hydrated. Switch to higher-quality drinking water. Drink water throughout the day. Exercise (or use a sauna to detoxify through perspiration.

Namaste xo



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(Courtesy of the Shamanic Medicine Oracle Cards by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free & Flavia Kate Peters) 

Awaken as I take you deep
My truth reveals you’ve been asleep
You’ll see the world with bright new eyes
Assist those who still live in lies.

What is truth? Truth is both seeking our inner and outer being of ourselves. This also means to authentically live our truth. So, have you been living, speaking and being with and one with your own personal truth? In many Shamanic healing practices worldwide, plant medicine is used to gain and heighten clarity, journey work, and induce visions. Plant medicine has been used for thousands of years. There’s archaeological evidence to suggest that plant medicine, particularly herbs, goes back 60,000 years ago!

However, plant medicine is more than just portions and synthetic pills. These healing and natural remedies were and are still given from the Gods, from Divinity, to discover who you truly are. You are given the choice to accept or reject these remedies and healing properties. Why? Because we are given the choice to seek our own personal journey. And to make our decision to whether we are truly ready to accept our own pathway – whatever pathway that may be, with open arms.

The truth that we are seeking can only been shown to us, is when an individual is ready, and he or she, knows that they are ready. To distinguish between the dream state and the clear state, you are called to decide, a choice, and to live your truth. If you feel brave, courageous and strong – and you do decide to take the plant medicine – know that you can’t go back……for the truth stays with you….to guide you, and awaken you to the Great Spirit, for you then know you will then see our world in a new light. You will be shown to make change. You will be encouraged to seek the bigger picture.

With love and blessings,

Libby xoxo


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Card of the Day: MEBAHIAH

Card for the Day: MEBAHIAH

(Courtesy of the Guided by the Angels by Adolfo Perez Agusti and Antonio Perera) 

Mebahiah, is an Archangel who name means ‘Eternal God.” He stands out for his positive deed, his kindness and deal in loving God and all men. He knows the path needs to follow, understands the Divine mysteries and activity promotes religious concepts. Mebahiah is not attached to material things. Always available, he is at his best when working for the good for the community and with suitable companions for his life’s journey. His grasp of situation and events – including the unexpected – is great, and he resolves any associated problems with creatives approaches. It is important to him that his existence continues through his children.

Reasons for invoking Mebahiah:

  • To increase fertility
  • To protect one morale and religion
  • To help us in all we need to understand
  • Mebahiah is ruled by the planet Mercury which is associated with communication and technology.
  • Mebahiah is an Archangel

Being that is the 5th day of the 5th month, in numerology, this is speaks about a new and positive choices coming into place in your life. Embrace all the ‘newness’ coming in life with gratitude and thankfulness. The energy of number 5 is about personal transformation of the mind, body and soul.

Love and blessings,



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Card for Sunday: SIGNS

Card for Sunday: SIGNS

(Courtesy of the Mary, Queen of Angels by Doreen Virtue)

I watch for, notice and trust the signs that Heaven continually sends.

Signs come to us both in the physical (conscious world) and non-physical (subconscious world) dimensions of our existence. Signs are Divine guidance that we all need to pay attention to, or notice as it has given to us as way to ensure that we are on the right path, our own authentic and true path.

Signs are very often repeated until we understand, or interpret the message ourselves. This is definitely why we have so many guides, Angels and Ascended Masters around us to ensure that we have learnt, what we need to learn in order to continue along our Divine path.

So what if we don’t understand the signs? Sometimes, the best person to ask that question is your HIGHER SELF. In order to do this, is to meditate and even set an intention for your own spiritual team to work with you to ask them to send you signs that you can interpret and understand! Understanding by using your own intuition is your best teacher.

If you’re still unsure about what a sign means, speak to a spiritual teacher or counsellor whom you trust and perhaps they can help interpret this for you in a psychic reading.

In conclusion, all signs are sent to help you to be the best you can be!!!

Love and blessings,

Libby xo


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(Courtesy of the Angel Answers Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue) 

“With A Little Help from My Friends……” is the famous song by the late Joe Cocker and is ringing loudly in my ear. This card is a direct and divine message for all of us to know that it’s okay to seek help and support from those whom we trust.

When we have a support team that values us, understands us, and love us the goals become more manageable, achievable, realistic and worth all that hard work and the wait!

We have our beloved spouse or partner, friends, family members, not to mention our furry friends too! This network that is your ‘wonderful warrior world’ and a whole network here on Earth that gets you, and definitely has your back no matter what!

Nevertheless, there’s also a wonderful network of Divinity support of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and Spirit Animals that get you too!

Never feel that you walk alone on this planet, because there’s always support around you……don’t be afraid to ask for support, guidance and help when you need it!!!

Divinely conquer your goals…’re worth it!

Libby xoxo

Ask for Help

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Crystal of the Week: SHATTUCKITE

Crystal of the Week: SHATTUCKITE

(Courtesy of the Crystal Reading Cards – the Healing Oracle by Rachelle Charman)

Crystal Colour: Various shades of blues and greens
Related Chakras: Heart, throat and crown 

Are you ready to invoke the very powerful spiritual teaching vibrations of this very healing crystal of the Cosmos? This healing crystal connects you on a deep level with your spiritual guides and teachers of the spirit world to help you, within you, and to seek out a pathway ahead of you a pathway towards teacher-hood. This crystal is also excellent to create and open, sacred learning space to overcome any challenges and experiences that have previously heard you back.

Deep wisdom and healing is always integrated and readily available when the student is ready. For within each student, there also lies a teacher, ready to each another student a valuable lesson. Basically, the Shattuckite crystal can help you share your deep inner wisdom and knowledge with others. It will also help you find the courage, strength and truth that you are seeking in order to move forward with your healing on all levels.

This beautiful crystal card can also be of great significance to mean that you are indeed meant to be a spiritual teacher and lead others along their own unique path of spirituality and enlightenment.

So in brief: 

  • Invokes the inner wisdom of the inner teacher
  • Opens the heart to share wisdom from a place of love
  • Support you to share your divine wisdom with the Universe
  • Connects you to your teacher guides of the higher realms

Lots of love, and Crystal blessings,

Libby xoxo

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The Divine Download

The Divine Download

For this week’s blog I have been guided to write something that is perhaps slightly unorthodox however, I feel it is of great importance. Perhaps you have been feeling a whole range of emotions, perhaps you can’t explain why one minute you’re happy and the next you’re sad, or angry, irritable or grumpy. Perhaps you are having trouble sleeping or the opposite – you are sleeping more than you are used to. During your dreams, when you are asleep, perhaps you are going to place you haven’t been there before and encountered people you haven’t met – yet you feel such a presence or occurence of deja vu.

This is the beautiful existence of the Divine Download.

What is the Divine Download?

The Divine or Spiritual Download occurs most likely around the time of the Mercury Retrograde, since the planet Mercury is the all about communication, languages, and technology. Think of a Divine Download, like you would if you were installing software into your computer, tablet or smartphone. This download is from the Divine and your spiritual team to help you with your life purpose as you have been asked to help other people, to help lift not only your personal vibration to a higher state of peace and love, but the entire world’s!

Currently this period is taking place between March 22 to April 15 2018. It is during this time of the Mercury Retrograde that is is possible that you may experience through your subconscious (as you are asleep since you are more open to these Divine experiences) through your past lives.

What is a Past LIfe?

We all have past lives. We all have shared memories and experiences that is remembered and harnessed through our soul DNA. Like our genetics and fingerprints, our soul DNA is also truly unique. There is no exact soul DNA – we each have our own spiritual and divine journey ahead of us. This is exactly the same as you would find for everyone with different fingerprints and genetics.

Our soul DNA carries with us, through our entire being of existence, all the lessons, blessings, good karma and bad karma through each past life. This in turn, helps us, as individuals, to make the free will choices we choose in each life. Our soul helps to influence the choices that we make, but we, as 3rd dimensional beings ultimately make the last call.

Soul DNA Activation

Our Soul DNA Activation begins the moment we are born as a baby. The moment of breath, we are born into existence. Our spiritual teams are assigned the moment of our birth, and they are ultimately chosen by the Creator, the Divine, or God (or however you best resonates with you). As we grow, we can take a more active approach on our free will choices. But remember, our souls, our higher selves, and our beloved spiritual teams of guides, Angels and Ascended Masters always have our best interests at heart.

Astrological Aspects Right Now:

During this time of intense transition, in Astrology, as the Full Moon and Blue Moon helps to release intense emotions – and for many people this can be or feel like intense pain, or you may be feeling blue. This is necessarily for a couple of reasons:

1) For every Full Moon, it will give everyone a chance to release what is no longer serving them. That is not for their highest good;
2) It will give everyone both for this Full Moon and Blue Moon, a chance to release built-up emotions, to be on the path of greater emotional healing and balance. When you feel better after a good cry or letting anger out, you feel its presence not required anymore. However, during this period of time, old wounds may rise to the surface.

The below list is some of the symptoms you may be experiencing if you are going through a Divine Download: (but not limited to)

Physical symptoms of Divine Downloads:

  • Feeling tired or exhausted
  • Feeling stressed
  • Headaches
  • Sore throat
  • Lack of sleep/More sleep
  • Ringing of ears
  • Pressure on forehead
  • Pressure on eyebrows
  • Feeling Emotional
  • Lack of appetite

The Divine or Spiritual Download should not be painful or hurtful. You can ask your guides for help and support. If any of these physical symptoms keep on consisting for more than 2 weeks, please see your doctor or medical professional.

During the period of the Divine Download, just try and enjoy the experience. You were given this amazing and blessed gift for a reason. But it is important to look after yourself during this process. Self-care and love is essential during this time. Like any form of technology, (computer, tablet or smartphone) it will take a little bit of time to reboot your system, however, don’t worry, you are in blessed and Divine care every step of the way with the Creator and your beloved Spiritual Team.

Keep the faith, all will be well.


Libby xo

Beautiful Soul



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Card of the Day: THROAT CHAKRA

Card of the Day: THROAT CHAKRA

(Courtesy of the Angel Therapy Cards by Doreen Virtue)

“The Angels are helping you loving speak your truth.”

There is no coincidence that this card came up today on Good Friday as we continue to learn and grow throughout this very powerful week.

No matter what your personal beliefs may be, if you consider yourself to be religious or non-religious, this week have shown to be very intense physically, emotionally, and mentally as we continue in Mercury Retrograde (this doesn’t finish until April 15th, 2018) and as you can guess, we will experience a Blue Moon and Full Moon in Libra on March 31st, 2018.

As a reminder the Mercury Retrograde deals with communication, technology, languages and relationships. The throat chakra is most often affected by this very astrological period since the throat is widely used in communication between people both privately and professionally. The colour for the throat chakra is BLUE. In Sanskrit, the throat chakra is known as “Vishuddha” which means “extremely pure”. Blue is the colour that is strongly connected or associated to divinity, truth, faith, peace and calm, connecting on a deeper level to your inner self, symbolic thinking, aware of subtle energies, and living with spirit within.

The Angels and your beloved spiritual team have called you to speak your truth close to your heart. The very first thing that comes to your mind is what you need to speak about. Even if you’re not sure about what to say, or what necessary action to take, please don’t worry. Please call upon beloved Archangel Gabriel – the messenger Angel who can help you build your confidence and help you speak eloquently, truthfully and above all with love to yourself and to others.

“Archangel Gabriel I call upon you now. Thank you for your guiding in the expression of of my inner truth and wisdom. I ask that you watch over me in all that I say and in all that I write so that I can convey my inner messages.”

When you speak your truth with love, light and confidence, you know what you are doing. You are always given a purpose. You are given this card is a gift to know that you are indeed always heard and in return, you will always listen. In order to paying forward this precious gift, listen to your spiritual team’s guidance. Allow their love, light and support to be showered upon you.

For you are a beloved lightworker of love and light.


Libby xoxo

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(Courtesy of the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue)

With this very holy and liberating week of new beginnings and freedom, this card is reminder to be open to sending and receiving love of all kinds. Love is truly the answer to your prayers – whether you have been praying for guidance and support in regards to your life purpose, relationships, friendships, health and many other questions you have been seeking.

The more you are receptive and aware of the love that surrounds you, and to find the many different ways in which love has embraced you, if it is romantic, platonic, family relations, or a love for a beloved pet – remember that you are a creation of love, and in turn are indeed LOVED by all that is loved by you!

Jesus of Nazareth during his lifetime always openly spoken about love for others no matter what other people, or critics may say about him, or his teachings. He always preached to always ‘turn the other cheek’ which is a Christian philosophy to not take revenge, ill-will or non-violent behavior against other people who may have done wrong by you. Instead – Jesus’ taught his disciples the essence of demonstrated love and compassion to all people, no matter what. This philosophy is nothing new, as many other religions and other Ascended Masters have demonstrated this.

Know that with love, all things are possible. With help and guidance of Jesus, and all beloved Ascended Masters who will always love, support and guide you with their loving protection along your personal journey.

Additional meanings for this card: To manifest a soul mate relationship, heal any fears or worries about giving and receiving love. Forgive others who seem to have hurt you. Be loving with yourself. Do energy work to heal your heart chakra.

All we need is LOVE.

With love and blessings,

Libby xoxo

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(Courtesy of the Crystal Reading Cards by Rachelle Charman)

For the week commencing: March 26th, 2018 to April 1st, 2018.

Crystal Colours: Vibrants ranges of blue
Related Chakras: Third Eye

As we approach a very powerful week particularly for two world faiths: Judaism and Christianity, we are reminder to expanded our awareness of the world, and let go of the illusion that we may be holding onto old habits, old thinking patterns and indeed old perspectives of ourselves and others.

This powerful crystal helps you to see things from a higher perspective. What is it that you are truly asking to see? You need to be ready to see and hear the truth, if you are prepared to hear it and see it. Once again, I will be going on the continued theme this week of releasing and letting go of issues, people and situations, that no longer have a purpose or serve any meaning for you.

With the Blue Moon and Full Moon in Libra- which is a very rare phenomenon that has not occurred since 1999. The major focus for this Blue Moon is the focus on love, relationships, friendships, releasing old patterns of thought as well as seeing everything from a higher perspective.

While the colour, ‘Blue” has traditionally, been seen and associated as a colour of sadness, loneliness, and “feeling blue” you may be feeling every sense that you will experience this since Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, dealing with the emotionally-charged feminine aspect of self. However, Libra is also a star sign of balance, harmony, judgement and perspectives. How often do you seek a nurturing and caring side of ourselves? This is also a very strong side to the beautiful Venus, and hence it is a very strong influence on Libra.

Blue on a spiritual side of colour is also strongly associated with communication. You will noticed with this beautiful and powerful card it is associated with the third eye, as well as with the throat chakra. The third eye is located between one’s physical two eyes. This crystal can safely help you stay grounded as you gradually open up your third eye. The third eye helps you seek a higher perspective of yourself, but also other people.

So why is this week so special and important? What is it necessary to expand our awareness? Firstly, due to the lunar calendar, both Passover and Easter both coalign with each other this year in 2018. This only occurs every few years due to the lunar calendar cycle, since both religions follow different calendars.

Peseach or Passover commemorates the Israelites leaving Ancient Egypt after many years of bondage and persecutions.. One of the most beautiful rituals observed by many Jews both observant and cultural is the Passover Sedar which is a constant reminder to them about the Israelites escaping Egypt led by Moses. Connected to this ritual, years later is the Jesus of Nazareth, who himself was Jewish, who according to Christians around the world, is the Messiah of all humanity. Jesus had his Last Supper with his disciples which was a Passover Sedar.

That was just very briefly an example of how two very different faiths share a very beautiful similarity. I have shown this example as a way to help you all see that this week is indeed special and holy for many people around the world. WE are all called to see everything from a higher perspective – to try and understand that there’s always something that we can learn from each other, that perhaps we don’t know….and perhaps we can therefore learn from each other.

See, both the messages of Passover and Easter are freedom, liberation and new beginnings, which essentially is what all the world needs right now at this very moment. The world needs peace and love.

So in brief:

  • Connects and enhances your intuition – creating trust to follow your own guidance
  • Expands awareness, and allows you to see things from a different perspective, allowing personal transformation and healing to occur.
  • Dissolves old beliefs systems, concepts and misconceptions
  • Opens you to vision and insight into your life and others.

Passover (Peseach)

Begins: Friday: March 30 (at nightfall)
Ends: Saturday: April 7 (at nightfall)


Sunday: April 1 (Western Christianity)
Sunday April 8 (Eastern Christianity)

Much love and blessings,