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Tarot for Today: KING OF SUMMER

Tarot for Today: KING OF SUMMER

(Courtesy of the Animal Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine)


“A trustworthy person or relationship enters your life. You may receive wise and compassionate advice from someone who speaks directly from the heart.”

The penguin represents someone, or a relationship which is trustworthy, reliable, respectful, and courtesy individual. Whenever this person is an intimate and romantic partner or a platonic and caring friend, you are emotionally safe. This card can also mean that you will be receiving important, wise and compassionate advice from someone who speaks directly from the heart.

Whatever the penguin is telling you is completely truthful and you can believe what he or she is saying about whom or what. As a friend – the penguin has your back – you can depend on them for unconditional support, and advice as friendship is sincerely recognised and appreciated between two or more people. As a romantic partner, the penguin will be support your personal goals, he or she will recognise your hidden potential – even encouraging your with your gifts, talents and ambitions! The penguin will do anything to help you grow, to learn, to nurture and to love you for who you truly are. They accept you as the beautiful soul that you are!

For the penguins in the wildness, they mate for life. This message in turn is that you can always find the people, the relationships, and the friendships that love you, support you, guide you and nurture you towards the best version of yourself. Don’t worry, all of us are constantly learning – making mistakes and learning through life experience! This is a part of being human. Just as your “penguin” or “life” team understand you, so to, in return; you understand them and their dreams, hopes, wishes, goals, talents and gifts! It works both ways!

Much love and light!

Libby xoxo

King of Summer



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